Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #600

Clocking in at 104 pages with a price tag of $4.99 I was a little worried this wouldn't be worth it.

See, Marvel has this nasty habit of putting together a real nice package of goodies when they hit an anniversary issue like this but they tend to spoil the fun by adding something useless like a reprint or two. This was the problem I had a few months ago when I picked up THOR #600. Half of it was a really good story and the other half was a reprint that I really didn't care to have. I'm, of the mind if I want these older stories I will go out and but the ESSENTIAL volumes to get them.

Anyway, with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #600 we got ALL-NEW stuff! The lead story was awesome. We finally get the marriage of Peter's Aunt May to JJJ, Sr., which means Peter Parter AKA Spider-Man is now related, by marriage, to his long time annoyance: J.J.J.!
The other thing we had here was the return of Doc Oc. Seems the years haven't been kind to him. After taking many punches to the head, along with other sorts of trauma, the man of the metal arms is dying. This leads him to, in his way, make amends to the city he's terrorized for so long. And like any good villian, the best way to make the lives of others better is to take over every aspect of those lives.

Natually, Spidey, with the help of the Human Torch, save the day, the girls and the city.

Back at the wedding, Peter gets the suprise of his life when Aunt May throws the boquet and it's caught by none other than Mary Jane Watson!

Other parts of this issue were nice. The mock covers added a bit of fun ala Celebrity Roast and the stories by other writers like Stan "The Man" Lee made this an issue to enjoy over and over again.