Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Comics: October 28, 2009

FANTASTIC FOUR #572: The Reeds Vs. the Celestials! This one ends the storyline of Reed thinking he must solve everything. The Council Of Reeds is under attack by Celestials. They want the Reeds ability to move from universe to universe and will do anything to get it.
To me, this is odd, the Celestials have always been large silent judges yet here they have a motive beyond that and they 'talk' That aside, it's nice to see this race get some action and actually take out some of the variant Reed Richards'. After they stop the Celestial attack we find out 5 of them escaped: 4 into 1 universe and the last one in a separate universe. I'm hoping we get to deal with the 4 sometime soon.
Overall, this first arch from the new creative team blows the Millar/Hitch run away. The art is spot on, the writing is exciting again and I'm re-energized for this book once more!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #19: Time travel. It usually mucks everything up but once in a while you get a character who can actually make sense of it all. Kang The Conqueror is one of those characters. He pulls the Guardians who are lost in time from their adventure, restores them to their proper age and informs them that they need to prevent Adam Warlock from becoming the Magus. He sends them back to the point where Adam stops the Fault from consuming the universe and moments before he becomes the Magus. Star-Lord tries to reason with him and fails...the cots is high and a few Guardians seemingly pay the ultimate price for it, including Adam Warlock!

JACK OF FABLES #39: Jack Frost takes on his second quest: save the monsters who threatened the live and family of the girl who hired him originally. Seems the monsters are controlled my magic and they don't like it. Jack Frost agrees to save them provided they make peace with the humans.
Meanwhile...Jack Horner goes through some MAJOR changes! He keeps getting fatter, which was freaky, but then he decides to must find a cave as he begins to get scaly and turns green...the tail was new too! Just as he finds the cave he opens his case and lets his treasure pour out just before his transformation is complete: Someone have turned Jack Horner into a DRAGON!

NEW AVENGERS #58: Action issue! Luke Cage turns himself over to Osborn for help with the heart attack thing! The New Avengers on the run confront the Dark Avengers in the sewer and make their escape while Night Nurse holds her own against "Ms. Marvel" Overall, it's a back to action issue that surprised and pleased me! It seems like it's been far to long since we had some good old action! Also, The Hood begins to figure out what's going on with his crew who abandoned him and without his Dormammu based powers he looks human again! I have to wonder how his powers have changed as well!

NOVA #30: The All-New Nova Corps Vs. Ego AND The Mindless Ones! Another fun issue with great action and superb artwork! This is what Marvel Cosmic should be like!

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