Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Comics: September 30, 2009

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #607: The return of the Black Cat continues! She's back, she is followed by bad luck but is she ever hot! Cat and Spider-Man continue to try to figure out why Diablo was robbing the offices of Dexter Bennett, new owner of the Daily Bugle (The DB!) and when they figure it out they have to try to keep their clothes on long enough to save a few lives.
I tell you, Peter Parker is getting more women in his life that want him than he has villains!
Fortunately, I guess, The Cat doesn't want a real relationship with Peter Parker, no, she just wants some fun with Spider-Man. It's nice to see this is back to basics.
While some people might complain about Parker being with so many women one thing that needs to be considered is in the pre-Brand New Day life of Parker he was married. And while many will complain that it isn't right for him to have sex now, you have to remember that he had lots of sex with Mary Jane. Only thing is now he doesn't have to stick with one chick.
Anyway, another poster perfect cover (You hearing this, Marvel???) starts another fantastic issue of the "thrice monthly' Spider-Man series! All of this leads into the Gauntlet. But the question after this issue is Will Diablo be involved? Apparently the new Kraven's mother wants to talk to him about something...

FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH: THE NIGHTMARE WARRIORS #4 of 6: I have to admit, this series is very boring. Part of the problem is there are way to many characters running around that it's difficult to keep track of who's who and what's going on. But, in light of the upcoming vomit inducing remake hitting theaters next April, it's nice to see something with the REAL Freddy Krueger and the REAL Jason Voorhees.

JACK OF FABLES #38: The transition from Jack Horner to Jack Frost continues as Frost, son of Horner, begins to take center stage here. He's still trying to be a hero and while jumping from world to world in that quest he find a young woman who's family is besieged by what appears to be werewolves. Frost agrees to help her but from the looks of things he may be in way over his head!
Meanwhile, Jack Horner is fatter and balder. He's still an asshole though but now he's an asshole with an artist he pissed off which explains why he's turning into a fat old slob!

MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN #5 of 5: In the finale of the most recent Marvel Zombies series we learn something very interesting: This is how it all began! Yeah, apparently the virus began AND ended here. As Zombie Spider-Man tries to gather a group of New Avengers to fight the remaining zombies of Earth-Z things begin to fall into place: The Watcher who was attacked by Zombie Giant Man in the first issue returns and reveals the Watchers no longer have solid forms so he was never in any danger. He determines the only way to stop the virus from spreading is by preventing it's ending from beginning...or the other way around. Anyway, he launches Zombie Sentry into another world "it began with a flash in the sky" is what we read from the beginning and this was it! Zombie Sentry ends up in the universe of the original Marvel Zombies thus putting them in an eternal loop and keeping them from causing more harm to other realities. Now, the question is going to be how permanent will this be? What happens when/if one of the Marvel Zombies figures out what's going on and breaks the cycle?
And MY question is when is the next miniseries going to start!!

THOR #603: Loki and Doom. Interesting. Loki made a deal with Doom, all he wants is an army of robots to destroy Donald Blake, Thor's human half, and bring to him Blake's walking stick (Thor's Hammer) and in return, Loki will reveal the secrets of Asgardian immortality. The painful thing is Doom's robots are built, no problem, but in order to fulfill Doom's request Loki allows Doom to dissect an Argardian! The whole messy thing is discovered by William, a mortal who walks among the Gods and he's attacked. While he holds his own pretty well, he's eventually stabbed just in time for Balder, Asgard's new ruler, to arrive...what happens next???

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