Thursday, January 21, 2010

NEW COMICS 1/20/10

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #618: The Gauntlet continues with the story I've been waiting for since it was announced: Mysterio Returns. I have to say though, I would have probably liked it more if it had been spread out over 2 issues instead of feeling like it was rushed and crammed into 1 issue.
The story centers around mob leaders who were killed off by someone or something only to return later because it was all a ruse set up by Mysterio. His reveal was a little lackluster and didn't seemed involved at all.
Another thread here is the return of the recently married Aunt May. She walks in on her boss at a local shelter, who, for some reason is also a criminal mastermind called Mr. Negative who touches her and makes her...negative? She verbally attacks Peter basically calling him a freeloader and asks why he isn't doing anything with his life. It all seemed a little disconnected.
HOWEVER...The art...very nice! Seemed very old school which I'm very into right now. Back in the day when comics looked like comics. I also very much enjoyed the cover and though this issue felt like a rushed filler issue, it doesn't take away from the over all impact of this Gauntlet story. Still looking forward to seeing this one to it's bitter end!

DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #7: 'Are you there Deadpool? It's me, Deadpool' begins as Deadpool attempts to take Headpool back to the Zombiverse. So, the first thing he does is jump head on into the Nexus of Realities in the Man-Thing's swamp. He ends up in a reality where Deadpool is an Agent of SHIELD. Very strange...but the big draw for this issue was the introduction of Lady Deadpool. It was an interesting scene to see Deadpool actually think Lady Deadpool was hot. But probably the best moment was when they kiss and Headpool asks how Deadpool feels about self incest! So, overall, Deadpool meets 3 different versions of himself including Kid Deadpool, and old west version who seemingly ends up being the opposite of Headpool. This series is finally coming into it's own and it's nice to have some fun Deadpool adventures without having to deal with all the drama currently running in the Marvel Universe. Though it was difficult looking at Rob Liefeld art still makes my eyes hurt overall it was a great issue with more than a few really good laughs.
Something that I really enjoy about this series is the way they set up the recap page at the beginning. Deadpool and Headpool do the recap and every issue is funny as hell!

FABLES #92: On the road to FABLES #100! This issue we look away from the dangers the Fables face in the Mundy World and peek in on the Homelands and what King Flycatcher (the former Frog Prince) is doing with the kingdom he created after the war. The goblins who stayed are seemingly adjusting to being a part of the Fables world even to the point that they participate in a baseball tourny. This issue centers on the winners of the tourny: the goblins. Well, one specifically. While heading home from the after game celebrations a drunk goblin takes the wrong path back to the goblin city and in a spot of drunken confusion eats a Fable squirrel and passes out. The next morning he gets arrested because it's not legal for a goblin to kill a Fable or vice-versa.
In another thread, there seems to be some feeling forming between Flycatcher and Red Riding Hood. They kiss and Flycatcher turns back into a frog! From what I gather it was because he still feels like he's married and the guilt of kissing Riding Hood turned him back. But he's able to force the change back to a human and it seems like all is good.
This is another fine issue of this long running, award winning series that has been my top book for many years now. And the next issue ties with the longest running book I've ever had. Ghost Rider ran through #93 then was killed off.

NOVA #33: Another Realm of Kings issue...this story is so lackluster it isn't funny. that's why I'm ignoring it as much as I can and why I'm happy Nova doesn't seem to have much to do with it. Nova is busy dealing with Darkhawk's temper and the 'return' of his lost love, Namorita who died in the Stamford Incident which began the Civil War and a Reed Richards and Black Bolt who were all pulled from different points in the timeline. They are all pulled together to fight the Sphinx by...The Sphinx? It's usually confusing when time travellers are involved but basically The Sphinx is at the end of his life and realized all the time travel he did gave him some kind of temporal cancer. He figures the best way to prevent this from happening is to convince a past self to not do the things he did. But...past Sphinx doesn't agree and tries to kill current Sphinx so current Sphinx pulls the heroes who defeated him in the past to defeat his past self in order to prevent his future from being his present. This is why time travel is annoying sometimes, lol. But this is a sound issue and the art is fun and very energetic. This is probably one of the best newer books I'm getting right now and can't believe that we are actually within 2 years of NOVA #50!

that's it for this week. My current Comics total is now at: 5,040

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