Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marvel Age: Avengers

This is the end game for what started seven years ago with AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED. It's all out war on 3 fronts: Norman Osborn's 'heroes', the outlaw New Avengers and the Asgardians. So far the series, which runs 4 issues and started in January, has had a few surprises including the death, presumably, of the God of War, Ares at the hands of the Sentry.

So, what happens after? Well, they are calling it the Heroic Age and it's supposed to be a lighting of the mood type thing. Seems after nearly a decade of dark and gritty stories Marvel wants to make things fun again. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has already had something like this happen in the One More Day/Brand New Day concept.
It was also a great idea for that title. I've tried to collect AMAZING over the years and have usually dropped it after a few months. This months marks 4 years that I've been reading the title. I started with the CIVIL WAR story and expected to drop it shortly after but One More Day happened and it's been awesome since.

So, after SIEGE comes the Heroic Age and the Avengers line gets a face lift.
Gone are the following titles: Avengers Initiative, Dark Avengers, Mighty Avengers and New Avengers. This means I'm losing a title.
In May, the month after SIEGE #4 comes out, we get AVENGERS I gain a title. Seems cool enough though. I've been reading ESSENTIAL AVENGERS lately, I'm on Volume 3 now, and I've liked the lighthearted stories and wonder if this new Avengers title will be like that.

Another thing is the finding of new team members. Over the last week or so, Marvel has been releasing teasers of who the new team members will be. As of today they include: Bucky Barnes Captain America, Hawkeye (in his original costume, no less!), Iron Man, Spider-Woman and the Mighty Thor! It's shaping up to be an awesome team and I've posted here the teasers Marvel has released. Check out for more information or check back here 'cause I will be getting more into stuff like this here, if it works for me that is.

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