Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Pull List

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #623: The Gauntlet continues! After stumbling, in my opinion, last issue, this one puts us right back on track and Electro frees the new Vulture from prison. We begin to learn a little about this new Vulture's history and his possible connection to J. Jonah Jameson (who has a history of creating villains to fight Spider-Man, his most famous being the Scorpion). The problem is...did JJJ have a hand in Vulture's creation or not? Spider-Man doesn't think so and tries to get some answers only to arrive just in time to try and save JJJ from the Vulture. Naturally JJJ thinks Spidey is in league with the villain (which I admit is getting very old) but Spidey, again, puts his neck on the line to try to save JJJ.

The story is getting good again. We know Electro freed Vulture as ordered by his boss, the new Kraven The Hunter who seems to want all of Spidey's old villains in play for some reason. This story is nearing it's end and it's starting to pick up speed again which I like.
Art is nice except for one panel in the beginning when Spider-Man defeats Simple Simon (what?), Spidey is drawn a little chubbier than he should have been. Other than that...very well done!

CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVER #5 of 6: It's a Fables book so the art is great and the story is fun. That's a given and always expected.
What ISN'T expected is the reveal on the last page.
Cindy and Aladdin end up in a town looking for the source of the magic items that are finding themselves in the mundy world. They locate a small unknown village that was overtaken by someone shortly after the Empire fell. The new ruler force everyone to smile all the time. In fact, to NOT smile is a dangerous offense and you are carted away never to be heard from again if you are caught on the street not smiling.
The new ruler also doesn't like anyone having any magic at all. Period. This proves to be a problem when Aladdin is captured for having some magic on him forcing Cindy to break into the Glass Castle sooner than she expected to have to.
The shocker here is when Cindy frees Aladdin only to be confronted by the one person she never though she'd have to face off against: Her Fairy Godmother!
I have to say...I was Shocked!

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #895: Guest-starring It! The Living Colossus. Old school Marvel comes crashing into the modern era as Wade teams with the daughter of the man who controls It! but finds it a rather daunting task when nothing happens.
The humor in this issue is fleeting as there really isn't much talking. Which is kind of strange when Deadpool is concerned.

This series is fast becoming Marvel's Tour of Yesteryear as Deadpool seems to be getting teamed with long forgotten characters. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it isn't. I find the humor works much better when you are actually familiar with the characters he's teaming with. Issue 896 lacked some because US Ace isn't a very familiar character. This one kind of works but there really isn't much you can do with a giant walking statue that doesn't talk.
Art is good although Deadpool in a singlet is a bit disturbing.
Overall, not the best example of a Deadpool comic book but it was still a good read even though it wasn't a full issue and there was no 'Next Issue' blurb at the end.

JACK OF FABLES #43: Jack Frost continues his quest to be the hero his father, Jack Horner, said he needs to complete in order to be an actual hero. this time we learn his new sword is probably the safest weapon around: it will not harm it's owner!
Also, Jack helps begin a revolution against a giant who's terrorized a land for a long time and has taken all the pretty young virgins for himself.
Jack has his first fight with those he felt he could trust and also gets to know a woman in a very special way for the first time!

I'm still adjusting to this series going from standard Fables action with Jack Horner to a normal actioner with Jack Frost. It's a fun series still, not as humorous as it once was but it feels like the old school sci-fi/action comics from the 1950's.
The art switches half way through and did throw me for a second but it doesn't lose any of it's energy which is always a good thing.
It's still odd reading a book where the main character is no longer the main character, rather his son is and it doesn't change the title of the series.

PRELUDE TO DEAPOOL CORPS #1 of 5: Beginning the 5th week event for March this shows Deadpool from the main Marvel Universe, the 616, going through the realities he visited recently in MERC WITH A MOUTH and gathering the different versions of himself that he met while trying to return Headpool to the Marvel Zombies Universe.
First up: Lady Deadpool!
Not a bad series, it is and feels like a set up for something bigger and here's hoping the pay off is worth a 4th book for Deadpool!

Story is set up, you can't really say to much about it, but the fact this is a weekly event will show us how well the story develops and is it's even worth it.
Art is consistent and helps the flow of the book very well.

The bigger part though will be the covers. Each issue focuses on a new member of the Corps and will be done in an 'animation' style. I've seen the full product and it's very cool, I can't wait to see it all out in comic book form.

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