Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pull List

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #625: The Gauntlet Continues! Arguably one of the best written comics I've read in a long time.

The Original Rhino wants to live a normal life, he no longer wears the skin and he even found love and want to be a better man. He is close to it when a New Rhino comes along and for some reason thinks the only way he can be the Rhino is if he fights and kills the Original.
Spider-Man is able to convince him to not give in but in this issue he loses his wife, his love and life. It pushes him to far and he decides to give the New Rhino what he wants. And then some.

What I loved about this was that this issue is pure characterization. It's a great example of how a comic book can transcend the format and become something more.

The cover and the interior art are perfect and help the story move very fluidly. This is an issue everyone should read!

DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #9: Deadpool's adventures in the Zombieverse continues!

He has been able to veg out in the Zombieverse for weeks, living off snacks and playing X-Box. Headpool is getting itchy and wants to make a move.

the first thing that needs to be done is convincing Deadpool to get off his ass and do something. That's easy enough when one of the hot scientist-type women offers to give Deadpool a romp in the hay in exchange for capturing a Zombie in our to test a vaccine on it. Easy enough...easier still when the available Marvel Zombies are z-listers!

Then, after a job well done, he simply wants to stay but is convinced it's time to go home by the Voices.

This series is still fun and has seemingly found it's stride in the grand scheme of things. Art and story both work together very well.

DOOMWAR #2 of 6: The first issue was a bit of a bust, especially when you read this issue! Doom has gotten so very close and the Panther, the X-Men and their allies are storming their own land!

Doom is in his element here, absolute control over the whole situation all the way down to explaining that all the confrontations he's had with the Panther over the years have shown him what to expect from T'Challa. The dialogue in this part is great. Doom is truely one of the best baddies in the Marvel Universe!

Art-wise the book looks great, the darker style of the art gives the books a sense of urgency and dread. It's really picking up and we have 4 issues to go. Coming up still are the Fantastic Four and Deadpool!

FABLES #93: Flycatcher has a big job on his hands. When he created his kingdom of Haven he wanted it to be a place where Fables from all  walks could live together in peace. But what happens when one of Haven's populace, a Goblin, eats another Fable? It falls to Flycatcher to decide if a capitol crime which should be punishable by death should be carried out as such.

The Goblins have their own agenda: if their fellow Goblin is put to death they will revolt and destroy the kingdom.

Flycatcher holds the trial, but in the hopes of being able to free the poor goblin and in the end things turn out...very interesting.

On a personal note: This issue of Fables ties the longest running series I started from Issue #1, Ghost Rider! Starting with #94 I'm on new grounds and I'm personally very happy about this!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #24: Realm Of Kings Continues! The Magus is back and is well on his way of bringing the Deathless realm at the other end of the Fault and the gods who rule there to our universe. Phyla-Vell, Mantis and a small group of the Guardians know the truth of the Magus and move to warm Starlord and the rest but the Universal Church of Truth seeks to prevent them from doing it.

Here's the best part...this issue, while part of the Realm Of Kings, kicks off the next chapter in the Cosmic part of the Marvel Universe. Phyla tries to make up for her failure of preventing the Magus from taking over Adam Warlock by killing him. She is instructed to a room where a Cocoon is placed. It's a familiar thing to see for fans of Adam Warlock as the way he recovers from the hell he gets up through.

She is lead to believe that within the Cocoon is the key to stopping the Magus from bringing the Life Gods from destroying our universe. Turns out this is partially right. Within it WAS a being who can actually stop the Life Gods because very few know more about death and dealing it out than the being that was within the Cocoon: The Mad Titan, Thanos!
A certain HOLY CRAP moment I wasn't expecting!

NOVA #35: Realm Of Kings Continues! It's Nova, Darkhawk, Mr. Fantastic and Namorita Vs. the Sphinx! This was just an action issue which was very fun. Also, besides dealing with The Fault this series has had very little to do with the rather boring Realm Of Kings storyline.

Nova and company try their best to stay alive and stop the insane Sphinx from recreating the universe in his image. Black Bolt pays the ultimate price but the thing is since the timeline hadn't been changed yet this demise didn't count. Sounds like a cop out I know but it does make sense.

What DOES mess with things is Namorita getting rescued from The Fault with Nova. She was killed when Nitro blew up a school and began CIVIL WAR.  Nova loves her and is willing to take whatever the universe tosses at him just to keep his love alive. I'm very interested in seeing where this leads and even more excited to see this series leave Realm Of Kings and enters The Thanos Imperative!

PRELUDE TO DEADPOOL CORPS #3 of 5: After last issue's introduction of  Kidpool, I wasn't sure how Deadpool Dog would be. Well, I'm still not sure after reading this. My understanding is Deadpool feels his little group needs sort of an animal mascot and that's where Deadpool Dog comes in.

The story is kind of simple and almost pointless. A dog named Wilson is tested on then tossed in the trash for dead. The dog comes back and finds it cannot die so hooks up with a circus as an act. I'm still trying to figure out the point of this character although he's not as annoying and useless as Hit-Monkey is. I REALLY don't like that character.

Not much more to say about this issue, almost a filler which, in a miniseries, isn't a good thing to have.

SIEGE #3 of 4: In a word: DAMN!

A great middle issue, this one has nearly everything a comic book needs but mostly it has something we haven't seen in a Marvel Comic in a few years: Heroes beating the tar out of villains.

Captain America and his Avengers, along side Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors, arrive on Asgard to take out Norman Osborn and his Dark Avenger and Initiative.

Some big points here: Sentry Vs. Thor. This was coming and we all knew it, what I didn't figure on is Sentry has the power to withstand all the power of Thor! Another point is Osborn. He loses it in more than one way. He loses the battle, then his armor and we see his mind is pretty much gone too.
Then there is something Osborn does. First he faces not only Captain America but the returning IRON MAN(!) Now, Tony Stark isn't happy with Osborn wearing stolen armor so he fixes that situation as the U.S. Military takes out H.A.M.M.E.R. then he tells the Sentry to not let them win, he orders Sentry to "Bring it all down!" And that's what Sentry does: he brings Asgard crashing to the ground. After Osborn loses his armor we see he was painting his face green like the Green Goblin and rants about how he was protecting everyone from HIM. Him refers to the Sentry, Osborn claims only he knew how power the man is and what the man is and without Osborn in control there is nothing to stop the Sentry.
Now, the question is, what's next? One more issue to go to find out then we enter: The Heroic Age!

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