Saturday, May 08, 2010

Favorite Covers #7

The Atomics #1
Cover Date: January 2000

I got into The Atomics by way of another book called MADMAN also by writer/artist Mike Allred.
Madman is another story altogether but this series drew me in because of Allred's art, it's very 1960's Marvel Pop style and I love it!
This is sort of an old school team book, you have a group of characters, including the stretchy Mr. Gum, who gain powers then, reluctantly at first, join forces to fight bad guys.
The series only ran for 15 issues and had Madman and Erik Larson's Savage Dragon for guest stars.
Fans of old school comics would enjoy this, I'm actually going to be re-reading the entire run again as soon as I can!

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