Friday, May 07, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Ahhh, free comic book day and all the joys it brings.
Of course, it would bring MORE joy if the people who only showed up for the FREE comics actually stuck around and got into them. But I know of those people some are actually curious about them and others are stupid and think "Gosh! This will be worth something someday!"

Okay, so before I get to my stash of Free Comic Book Day Comics, I want to recap what I did.
Naturally, I went to Nostalgia, Ink. to begin the day. It's my local comic book store and any reason to go there is a good reason. The place was pretty busy, which is nice because it usually isn't. I like seeing people there.
I REALLY like seeing kids in there, even if they have no idea what's going on and have no idea how you handle a comic book you haven't bought yet.
I was there for a few hours talking with other comics fans about the big events in DC and Marvel like Blackest Night and Siege as well as the then upcoming Brightest Day and Thanos Imperative events. One thing I always love is talking about comics with people who know what's going on. Not to sound like a snob or anything but it annoys me when someone tries to impress us by announcing they actually own SPAWN #1 like that's supposed to be impressive. How Spawn became the spokescharacter for the industry like that is beyond me.
Then, after a quick break for food, around 3:30, I headed to my work, Family Video to set up a table there because we were also participating in Free Comic Book Day! It was kind of my idea but it made sense since we have many movies based on comics like Spider-Man and Batman but also many movies were getting comics like Toy Story and Shrek.
I spent 3 hours at the store talking comics, promoting the event, handing out coupons for our store and giving away many free comics.
There was a lot of positive energy there, a lot of fun and I've already got ideas for NEXT years Free Comic Book Day at the store!

So, that was my day, which was capped off by watching a few comic book based animated movies on DVD and here is what I got:

ARCHIE'S SUMMER SPLASH #1: For some reason Archie is one book I look for every year. But I think this is the first time I read one all the way through. I have to admit, it's actually very funny stuff. Not the 'squeaky clean' jokes I expected and the art was fun and simple.
Archie has a long history in comics so gets respect for that even if I don't plan on buying it.

 For more information on Archie Comics, which includes such titles as SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, check out their website at
BONGO COMICS FREE-FOR-ALL 2010: This is another one I seem to grab every year. Each one has a comic book theme to it and seems to be a stand alone issue. Not bad stuff.
At this time there doesn't seem to be a website for Bongo Comics. Shame.

DOCTOR SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM/MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER: Can't say much about this one, I haven't read it yet and basically picked it up because I liked the cover.
This is basically a promotion for the upcoming releases of the two characters later this year from publisher Dark Horse Comics.
They have a full issue preview of these on their website:

G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #155 1/2: From IDW comes the continuation of the classic G.I. Joe series started by Marvel Comics in the 1980's. All the classics are here and the stories are told in the classic style. I've never been one for the G.I. Joe comics but this was actually a fun read.
IDW also does Transformers and A-Team comics.
Their website

GREEN HORNET: A preview issue featuring all FIVE of the different titles from publisher Dynamite Comics including: Green Hornet, Green Hornet: Year One, Green Hornet Strikes!, Kato and Kato Origins.
The odd thing is I got a different cover than this one.

 Marvel Comics released two Iron Man themed books this year with IRON MAN/THOR and IRON MAN/NOVA: SUPERNOVA. Of the two I really enjoyed the Iron Man and Thor issue. It's one of the first times these two have interacted with each other since the end of Civil War and the return of Thor.
But the best part: words by Matt Fraction and pictures by John Romita, Jr.!
The Iron Man and Nova issue is basically an introduction to the Marvel Adventures line of all ages comics and a back up feature featuring the Marvel Super Hero Squad characters from the Cartoon Network show of the same name.

THE TICK #1: What can you say? It's the first comics book featuring the Big Blue Bug of Justice: The Tick. I was laughing out loud reading this, as I always do, and had to get THE TICK OMNIBUS, VOLUME 1 off my shelf. Even let a friend borrow it who had never know the joys of a Tick comic book!

YOW! From Drawn & Quarterly comes this collection of comics from years gone by. It's history which is why I picked it up. It's also on paper, not glossy stock stuff, and the pages were made to look aged! How cool is that!

Finally, FRACTURED FABLES from Image Comics. I know, it's out of order, but I picked this one up AFTER Free Comic Book Day when I listed to a podcast of Collected Comics Library. This was mentioned, it sounded fun and it was.

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