Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Pull List

This weekend is the motor City Comic Convention. Because of this I only picked up a few things this week. I plan to have a good sized posting or maybe a series of posts about the convention I'm going to this Saturday along with pictures and video (if I can post video here)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #631: Shed, Part Two: The Lizard returns in a BIG way. With art by Chris Bachalo this is probably the best Lizard story I've read since SPIDER-MAN #1-5 by Todd McFalane.
Kurt Conners had suppressed the Lizard for a long time but stress and his boss going for the girl he liked allowed the lizard part of his brain to take over.
After killing six people Spider-Man is now on the case. He manages to track The Lizard down to the foster home Conners' sin Billy was staying at.
At first he thought he was to late after finding out the people inside were pretty much dead and Billy was missing.
It turns out that Kraven's psycho-kid took the boy and used him as bait for The Lizard. In what has to be one of the most grisly scenes in a Marvel Comics since Magneto's death in MARVEL ZOMBIES #1, The Lizard decides to prove he is the dominant male by eating the young of Curt Conners.
Overall this is still part of The Gauntlet. This is probably the darkest part of it and is seems all the players are almost in place. What role The Lizard will play remains to be seen.

FABLES #95: Rose Red, Part Two: This issue feels like a great 'set up' issue. We learn about the childhood of Snow White and her sister, Rose Red.
They were very close as children and had some grand adventures including sharing a warm fire with a talking bear and repeatedly saving the life of an old dwarf who has the meanest personality.
Through the story the closeness of the girls is touched on over and over making me wonder what could have possibly come between the two?
I do hope that whatever the outcome of this story is, that Rose will return to her old self again. She's been through a lot and deserves some happiness.
We also get some interesting foreshadowing in reference to Snow White and the future of dwarfs in her life as well as her fist Prince husband.
Still a great series and only 5 more issues until #100!

NEW AVENGERS: FINALE: This takes place after SIEGE #4 (below) and is a taste of what the Heroic Age holds for us: Good guys beating the tar out of the bad guys.
Overall this was a good issue, thought I really didn't care for some of Bryan Hitch's are in some panels and the cover. This wraps up a few more plots points including who was behind the breakout that brought the New Avengers together in the first place.
It also serves as the book end of all the stories that have happened in the last eight years. Not a bad issue but this really could have been the last issue of the regular series instead of being a stand alone thing.

SIEGE #4 of 4: This is it! End ending of a story that has been going for eight years! Through Civil Wars, Secret Invasions and Dark Reigns this is the end of the dark era of Marvel!
It's all out war between The Void, formerly The Sentry, and the Avengers.
Loki tries to make amends for his role in this and pays the ultimate price for it. I have to wonder how long it will be until we see Loki again.
Thor takes on The Void and fails...everyone takes on the void and manages to suppress it for a little while but ultimately, Thor decides what needs to be done and The Void is destroyed.
Now, the Siege is over and new roles are chosen for our heroes. Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America. He's now the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D., basically the New Nick Fury. Iron Man begins the long road to redeem himself, Thor begins his search for a new home for Asgard and the remaining heroes are given the best news of all: The Superhuman Registration Act is REPEALED!
They are no longer fugitives!
The villains turn on The Hood and sell him out for leaving them to burn at the end of the battle.
Overall, very fun and I can't believe how much I missed heroes fighting villains!

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