Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pull List

I have two books held over from last week due to the Motor City Convention.

Words: Brian Michael Bendis
Pictures: John Romita, Jr.

The Heroic Age Begins! I have to admit, I was very annoyed when I heard New Avengers was ending only to make room for this title AND a new New Avengers book. That is, I was annoyed until I read this book.
The main thing I always liked about the New Avengers title was the grim and street level stories and characters. It was nice, as well as WAY past time, for characters like Luke Cage to get some spotlight and that title did a great job of it.
This book, like New Avengers before it, reflects the are in which it's set in. The Dark Reign and the Siege are over and The Heroic Age has begun!
This means things will be a little lighter. What I love about this change is we finally get to see Heroes be Heroes and fight Villains!
So, with are by John Romita, Jr. there really isn't much I can say. The guy is awesome and continues to be so here. Story-wise...well, the story if by Brian Bendis, a real nice guy, and the guy who got me into the Avengers through the New Avengers series. It picks up right after Siege #4, the heroes are rebuilding and collecting themselves while Steve Rogers, the former Captain America, is out recruiting for a new Avengers team.
It's a who's who including: Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Vision, Dr. Strange, Beast, Tigra, Hawkeye and many others. The sticky wicket here is Simon Williams, Wonder Man. He doesn't think it's a good idea to have an Avengers team because he feels all the things from Civil Wars to Secret Invasions and even Osborn were because of the Avengers. He makes it sound as if he's going to try to keep a new team from forming.
On the other side we have Kang. He's traveled back in time to warn the Avengers of the impeding doom of the future universe at the hands of the children of the Avengers who we were first introduced to in the Marvel Animated Feature: Next Avengers! Kang wants the Avengers to travel to the future and stop the Next Avengers from destroying everything. Simple enough, all you need is a time machine.
Overall, this is old school fun and it's way overdue! I can't wait for Avengers #2!

Words: Daniel Way
Pictures: Carlo Barberi

Deadpool enters the Heroic Age!
Traveling to Las Vegas to track down a party host who insulted Deadpool on national television, Deadpool bring his brand of chaos to the city.
He destroys part of a casino the stays to gamble...winning every time he plays but it all comes crashing to an end when he faces Vegas' new hero: The House.
Get it? Because The house always wins? It's a play on words using Vegas-speak.... nevermind, it is kind of lame...
Anyway, they have a back and forth and we learn that The house is actually...Weasel! Yeah, Wade's old partner from his 1990's series. Apparently they didn't part on good terms but fortunately Weasel isn't very smart and he allows Deadpool to wear a similar suit of armor and become his "sidekick" Wildcard.
Fun, explosions and other Deadpool-type stuff ensues. This is probably one of the better issues. Perhaps with the heroes actually being heroes again we can get a better handle on Deadpools place in the grand scheme of things. We hope.

Words: Rob Williams
Pictures: Matteo Scalera

Guest Starring Captain Britain!
I have to admit, when I saw who was in this issue I had no real interest in reading it. Boy, I love it when I'm surprised! This is probably one of the funnier issues this series has had in a long time!
Deadpool making like a brit, mocking the accent and making an ass of himself, getting destroyed's good fun all around.
Even Captain Britain, a character I have no interest in, was entertaining. It's always nice to see how a guy like Cap tries to handle someone like Deadpool while maintaining their dignity.
Seems someone wants to take up the mantle of Slaymaster (yeah, he isn't familiar to me, either) and Cap thinks, of course, it's Deadpool. They fight and then team up, you know the drill.
The fun is the dialogue. With 86 titles on the market it's difficult to have some truely good Deadpool dialogue. This one manages to have it. The art works perfect for the story as well.
This is how this series should be done.

Words: Chris Ryall
Art: "Kampf": Menton Matthews III
"Masques": Paul McCaffrey
"Zuvembies Vs. Robots": Gabriel Hernandez

This is listed as the final issue of the series.
The stories wrap up with little hangers to make way for another possible book.
As of this posting I haven't read it all yet but when I have I will work a full review of it.

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