Thursday, June 03, 2010

Favorite Covers #9

The Haunt Of Fear #14
August 1952

My friends know how much I love EC Comics, publisher of this series and the ever popular Tales From The Crypt. EC is the only publisher I love more than Marvel Comics and Chaos! Comics.
each comic featured 4 different stories and featured some of the best art of all time, and the best are of the 1950's.
The horror titles, The Haunt Of Fear, The Vault Of Horror and Tales From The Crypt (formerly The Crypt Of Terror) featured story tellers known as the GhouLunitics: The Crypt-Keeper, The Vault-Keeper and The Old Witch.
This EC is the very first original EC I ever owned and even though it isn't in the best condition it is still one of my most prized comics.

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