Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Pull List X2

Yeah, last week was a bit nuts for me...So, I'm going to cover last and this week's pulls right now:

Words: Zeb Wells
Pictures: Chris Bachalo & Emma Rios

Shed, Part 4 of 4: The Lizard has freed the lizard part of people's brains allowing them to act on their basest of instincts. Man fights man, the dominant male gets the female, that sort of thing.
Spider-Man, being one the most underrated brains in the Marvel universe, figures out using Dr. Connors' serum, which he used to suppress The Lizard for some time, will help him fight off The Lizard's influence.

He also hopes that injecting some of it into the Lizard itself will help Connors come back. It almost works. The Lizard gets his first taste of humanity, even helps Spidey, but takes off because it's to much for him to deal with.

Later, we see Peter trying to make sense of everything that's bee going on. He goes to the one person he's usually been able to talk to: Aunt May. She's still under the influence of Mister Negative though but seems to be fighting it off.
Overall, this Shed story was great. I would recommend it to anyone when it comes out in trade!

Words: Joe Kelly
Pictures: Michael Lark & Stefano Gaudiano

Grim Hunt, Parts 1 & 2: The Gauntlet has ended and the family of Kraven the Hunter have finally played their big hand.
The writing fits this as does the artwork, which is dark and moody, much like the legendary story, Kraven's Last Hunt.

It's apparent not everyone is going to survive this story. We'll be down a few Spider-Characters after this. But, it will be worth it. Kraven's family is NUTS. They kidnapped Madame Web and forced her to tell them how to locate the other member's of the Spider-Family.
They forced Spidey to go through the Gauntlet in order to weaken him and make him easier to kill.
They almost killed Kaine, a clone of Peter Parker.
They actually DID kill Spider-Woman III (Mattie Franklin) in an attempt to bring back Kraven's son, I believe...who came back as a half man/half wolf thing that ends up eating corpse.
That was part one.
Part two, things get worse as Spider-Girl, now called Arana, is hunted. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman II try, and fail to save her as Ezekiel, the presumed back from the grave to help spirit is revealed to be Chameleon who has lead Spidey straight into the hands of the Kraven family. By this point he is to weak to continue and is overtaken quite viciously.
When the story ends, we see Spidey on an alter with a knife in his chest and Kraven The Hunter crawling out of his grave.
Can it get any worse? I don't know how but this story is very dark and almost miserable to read. You get a feeling of total helplessness as you watch Spidey go through this hell. And I have a feeling it WILL be getting worse.

Also in these issues are two back up features, an attempt to make the price increase from $2.99 to $3.99. It really doesn't as the Kain Vs. Kraven story could easily be a one-shot and the two page Stan Lee story, while fun, is pretty pointless.

Words: Brian Bendis
Pictures: John Romita, Jr.

Continuing from last issue's revelation that the Next Avengers, the children of some of today's Avengers, will take over the world and eventually destroy the universe, our Avengers try to figure out a way to get to the future.
They seek the aid of the former Marvel Boy, who now apparently wants to be called The Protector, who has knowledge of time and has access to the tech of the Kree Empire.
Time travel stories can be a pain but sometimes they can be fun. Like this issue's double page spread showing possible futures of Marvel, which included MC2 and 2099 as well as Guardians Of The Galaxy, Death's Head II (don't really know why) and some others.
Before the Avengers can rally themselves they are attacked by, of all people, Wonder Man who is keeping his promise to never again allow the Avengers from forming. He's bitter.
The most surprising part, though, was the appearance of... Well, if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise and I wouldn't want to face any of his Horsemen.
Overall, this is how the Avengers should be. They are fast and exciting. For $3.99 a month they better be. I also have to admit, not the Marvel reads this, but if your books weren't so expensive I would be getting The New Avengers as well.

Words: Daniel Way
Pictures: Carlos Barberi

DP is still in Vegas and is still trying to do the hero thing. He's been reunited with his old sidekick The Weasel and now dons the armor of Wildcard (it's Vegas, remember?)
Thing is, what side is Deadpool REALLY on? He fights some b-grade villain called the Grizzly and causes a lot of damage which makes the city hate, he trades armor with Weas and make it seem as it Weasel has turned and is helping Grizzly and takes off with a lot of money

Personally, I think Deadpool is on HIS side, as usual.
I have to also say, Deadpool fatigue is setting in. This series is beginning to suffer from all the other books and I've already dropped Deadpool Corps. Merc With A Mouth ends next month and Marvel has announced a Lady Deadpool book. I'm passing on that and plan to just stick with this book and Deadpool Team-Up.

Words: Victor Gischler
Pictures: Bong Dazo

The penultimate issue shows DP and Co. still trying to escape the Zombieverse.
Right now, of the recent Deadpool books, this is the funniest and also has the best covers. I'll be sad to see it go but you have to set a limit on how much Deadpool you really need.

Not much more to say about this issue, good jokes, fun art and the adventure continues as Marvel spews out so much Deadpool it even eclipses Marvel Zombies...even though they are in this book as well!

Words: Bill Willingham
Pictures: Mark Buckingham

Rose Red continues to learn more of her past as we find the first of many run in's her and her sister, Snow White, have had with Princes.
Years ago the sisters helped a Prince end a curse and the Prince in turn promised to marry Snow White.
The King, as well as Snow's mother, didn't want this. The King wanted Snow to die, instead her mother sent her away in the middle of the night to stay with her Aunt, the Queen of a far away land and who loved being the "fairest of all."
Rose was told Snow walked to a river in the dead of night and drowned, killing all desire to live within the young Rose.
Snow would eventually live the events we know as Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, though we've not been told the full story, and ends up in the arms of Prince Charming.
They marry and when Snow's mother hears of this she finally tells Rose the truth. Rose then travels to be with her sister but not to be happy, to get some measure of revenge for the lie she felt she had been living all these years.
As much as I love the standard Fables stories, I love these origin stories even more. It's great to see how all the characters are connected.
4 for issues until Fables #100 is out!

Words: Jonathan Hickman
Pictures: Neil Edwards

The main story in this issue is Franklin, Leech and Johnny Storm going to Arcade's toy store and getting into a good old fashioned fight with the villain, while teaming up, sort of, with the impossible Man.
The sub-story, which I think is far more interesting, is the grouping of smart kids and Dragon Man, put together by Reed Richards.
He gave them an assignment, something they can do to prove themselves and what they pick is a doozy!
Curing Ben Grimm is something Reed has been trying to do since the first issue. These kids think they might have both failed and succeeded in curing him. Confusing? Yeah, I thought so too until it was explained. Reed had been trying to cure Ben but the cosmic changes in Ben's DNA prevent it. These kids have figured out a way to turn those powers off for a short time.
So, what this means is, if this experiment works, Ben Grimm will be human again! The failure part? It will only be for one week every year. Naturally, Ben jumps at the idea and I begin to think this could make for some very interesting stories in the future!

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