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The Pull List

Okay, the final post for June...Good thing it's a Wednesday!

Words: The Swinester Six & Crayfin's Last Bunt: Tom DeFalco, Why Not Have Spider-Man Be A Human?: Tom Preyer
Pictures: The Swinester Six: Jacob Chabot, Crayfin's Last Bunt: Adam DeKraker, Why Not Have Spider-Ham Be A Human?: Agnes Garbowska

Why don't we have more books like this? Spider-Ham has been an under the radar favorite of mine for years. I look forward to the day I see a solicit for Essential Spider-Ham, Volume 1. There should be enough to fill at least ONE volume..right?
Anyway, this one-shot features three stories and are actually pretty funny.
First up is The Swinester Six where Spider-Ham's 6 deadliest foes team up to take down the porker. Also in this story is a recap of Spider-Ham's origin, which I never actually knew: Aunt May Porker was a wanna-be scientist and was trying to invent an atomic powered hairdryer. Something went wrong and she was irradiated and for some reason bit a spider. That spider became Peter Porker, a pig with the powers of a spider...or maybe he's a spider with the powers of a pig...I dunno which but it's funnny!
The second story is a take on another classic tale: Kraven's Last Hunt. Only instead of Spider-Ham fighting on his own, he actually has to team up with Swiney-Girl, his daughter.
Finally the short Why Not? tale in which The Assistant Watcher has to watch a tale in which Spider-Ham becomes Spider-Human. Ducktor  Doom changes him but the end result, while very tasty, isn't what the Ducktor expected.
It doesn't matter if you've ever read a Spider-Ham comic or not, if you're looking for something different you need to try this!

Words: David Lapham
Pictures: Shawn Crystal

Guest-Starring Satana!
DPT-U is a great idea and one of my favorite hero books every month. Great covers and interior art I think this book has the most potential of any of the current Deadpool books. Certainly more than Deadpool Corps.Seems the daughter of the Devil got herself in a bad situation. While in Vegas she was swindled out of her soul by a group of dorks. Doctor Strange was not available but apparently Deadpool is listed in the same book as the good doctor so he gets the call.
The shocker in this issue isn't so much the fact Deadpool has sort of a soul but rather he has a plan that actually makes sense: Since it's a soul these dorks want and it's her soul Satana wants back...why not MARRY Deadpool! That way her soul is his and once the dust clears she will get it back. Okay, maybe not the best plan especially when you consider the dorks are actually some of the biggest demons in the Marvel Universe, including Dormammu and Mephisto!
Defiantly an issue that remembers the fun that is Deadpool!

DOOMWAR #5 of 6
Words: Jonathan Maberry
Pictures: Scot Eaton

More of the same. Good thing this issue gives something interesting with the arrivals of Deadpool AND War Machine!
Doom is waging war against everyone and everyone has decided it's time to deal with Doom once and for all.
This issue moves the story a nudge as Reed and T'Challa find out where Doom is keep the stolen Vibranium and Doom becomes a...humanitarian?! Yeah, things get a little wacky which is par for the course when Deadpool shows up...and promptly gets his neck broken by Doom!'s not bad but those covers by John Romita, JR ROCK!!!

Words: Bill Willingham
Pictures: Mark Buckingham

This special reprint offers readers a chance to enjoy the first chapter of the long running series' second storyarch: Animal Farm. It was the first time we'd been introduced to The Farm, a place where the Fables who can't pass for human live.
But while it's for the best it seems the inhabitants aren't to happy with it. There is something of a revolution starting that will eventually claim the lives of one of the Three Little Pigs and involve the shooting of Snow White!
Re-reading this issue only reminded me, like I needed to be, why I love this series which is soon to hit it's 100th Issue later this year!
This reprint issue is only $1 and anyone interested in checking this series out shouldn't pass this chance up!

Words: Geoff Johns
Pictures: Doug Mahnke

Guest-Starring Lobo!
Yeah, pretty much that's all I needed to buy this issue. Any chance to see The Main Man in action I'll take it. Add to that a fight with Atrocitus, holder of the Red Ring of Rage, and you have double the reason to buy it!
Needless to say it's a knock down drag out between FOUR Lanterns and Lobo. And needless to say even the four of them together can do little to stop the Last Czarnian. When the fight is over Sinestro thinks he knows why but he couldn't be more wrong. For all that he is, Lobo is a very smart man. He never does anything unless there is a reason and the reason for hunting down Atrocitus is very interesting indeed, especially when the person who put the hit out is revealed and even more awesome is what Lobo's fee for the job was!
There is also a variant cover for this issue that I will be hunting down!

Words: Fred Van Lente
Pictures: Fernando Blanco & Felix Cruz

Zombies by way of computer virus. This is by far my favorite issue of this series.
Howard, Aaron and Jackie end up in a world where robots pretty much run things. Even the people are mostly robot.
Aaron's ex Jocasta is everywhere and it seems she's the source of this strain of Zombism.
Seems with humans trading in wetware for hardware the robots are becoming little more than spare parts for them. Jocasta has figured out a way to introduce a virus which makes humans eat not only each other but even themselves! And it isn't just flesh that mutates as we learn when Aaron defeats this realities Arno Stark aka Iron Man 2020...when Arno's armor cracks open Aaron finds the armor was actually eating him from the inside out...very squishy.
I don't know if any fall out from this will be made known but I'd sure like to see how these events effect Aaron, especially the whole having to kill your ex thing.

THOR #611
Words: Kieron Gillen
Pictures: Rich Elson

Fall out from Siege continues!
The Asgardians are still picking up the pieces of Siege. The fallen have been tended to, Loki's sacrifice was not ignored.
But before Thor and the others can begin their next quest, rebuilding Asgard, they but first aid Hela who is under siege herself.
Before things went south, Loki made a deal with Mephisto in order to get a place where Hela could take in the souls of the fallen Asgardians. In exchange for this 'land deal' Loki turned over the Disir, ancient Asgardian women who had the taste for the flesh of their fellow Gods and who were cursed to never find piece in death and to never eat anything else but the souls of fallen Asgardians IF they wandered from Asgard, Valhalla or Hel. Places they NEVER wander from. These demon ladies are hungry and now they share the same realm with Hel where the fallen Asgardians from Siege now reside and they want to feast! Now, Thor and his fellow warriors need to fight for the souls of their fallen brethren!

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