Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Pull List

Words: Joe Kelly
Pictures: Michael Lark, Marco Checchetto, Stefano Guadiano and Matt Southworth

The Grim Hunt Concludes! I should probably add 'finally' to that. Let me just say while I really enjoyed The Gauntlet, this Grim Hunt as a big let down.
Really, I don't have much to say about it. Kraven had a great ending in Kraven's Last Hunt and this story completely negated it.
I also have to ask 'why bring Kraven back?' I mean, there hasn't been a big call for his return has there been?
No, there hasn't.
Okay, this issue the story seems to go everywhere and doesn't seem to focus on anything. Spider-Man gets pushed to the edge and apparently no longer has a problem with killing Kraven's family. Don't worry though, some last minute words from the Spider-Chicks help Spidey see the error of his ways and...he walks away.
No, this story was pointless and to toss in equally pointless back-up stories just so you can hike the price from $3 to $4 just seems pathetic.

Words: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pictures: Miguel Sepulveda

We have 4 more issues to go... 4. Issues. To go.
After reading this issue I have to ask: How much more are we going to get?! This story is beyond awesome! It's good cosmic fun that reminds me of Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest. This start off big and get bigger.
So far we have the Magus and Adam Warlock seemingly dead, the evil versions of our heroes have managed to open the Fault all the way and the 'Cancerverse' is oozing into our reality in an attempt to destroy all death and take it over.
Just when Nova, the Shi'Ar and the Guardians seem to be falling the Silver Surfer shows up and tells the defenders he isn't really there to join them...rather, he's just a herald.
This means Galactus has entered the fight! Along with him are Aegis and Tenebrous, two beings who were sword to destroy him and all he created and... The Celestials! All are referred to as The Abstracts, which I do like.
And, as mentioned in the story, the involvement of these beings shows exactly how bad this situation is and on the last page it gets MUCH MUCH worse!

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