Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Pull List

Words: Frank Tieri
Pictures: Chris Staggs

X Marks The Spot! This one starts in a unique way: a job fair. Seems Deadpool is trying to convince people that being an assassin is a great job: "Exotic locales, guns, lots of money...and the chicks... Well, let's just say you can't spell assassin without a whole lot of "sin"- and twice the "ass"!"
To illustrate how great it is, Deadpool tells the tale of his fight with X, a character who...well, I guess he's what the Karate Kid would be if he were a man. He apparently has learned every martial art ever known and forgotten and has the ability to read the minds of his opponents.
This last part is why Deadpool was hired. Since DP is insane the thought is X wouldn't be able to read his thoughts. Works to a point but DP still loses both arms and rats on his employer.
In the end the people he was trying to talk into becoming an assassin all run away except for a girl who likes the idea. But Deadpool isn't one for competition.

Words: Jonathan Hickman
Pictures: Neil Edwards

Time travel. It's fun. If you don't do it too much.
Here we have the future versions of Franklin and Val, now grown up and running errands for their grandfather, Nathaniel Richards.
Seems something bad happened and all the different versions of Nathaniel ended up in the same time/place. This isn't good, apparently, because Immortus, a being who is tasked with policing the time stream, decides they must be destroyed.
But not all of them. He decides that only ONE Nathaniel Richards can be allowed to live but the different versions of him must decide which version it is. So, as is the way of man, they try to kill each other (and in some cases themselves) in hopes of being the one who survives.
In this story we are down to two and one of them enlists the aid of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Victor Von Doom, all before they become who we know them to be today!
It's always fun seeing Doom belittle people, no matter what time he's in. I also like the cover, how the shadows of Richards and Doom reflect who they are today. Not a bad read. I'm curious to see where this one goes.

Words: Matthew Sturges & Bill Willingham
Pictures: Tony Akins

Wow, I can't believe how #45 came out April 29th! It's been 3 months since I got an issue of Jack!
Apparently time has still been moving though because all these stories take place 'in the future'
First up the Page Sisters continue their quest to rebuild the Great Library with the original books and stories of the Fables. Naturally a shootout in a public library with a baby in tow happens. Naturally.
Next up, Jack Frost decides he's been at this hero thing long enough and retires. But gets called BACK into active duty when offered a chance to kill a real life dragon!
Finally...Jack Dragon, formerly Jack Horner, and Gary try to live together Gary doesn't much like the situation. Jack keeps eating the women he loves.
Some interesting things here: The Page Sisters are looking for the Original Books. What they don't know is Jack Dragon has them. Jack Frost has been hired to kill a dragon. Jack Dragon, his father, is, well, a dragon. And who is this baby being carried around? Jack Dragon, when he was Jack Horner did have...relations...with all three Page Sisters (it was BEFORE he found out they were his half sisters) and it might be his, I think that'd be freakin' funny!
Great to have another Jack Of Fables to read finally!

THOR #612
Words: Kieron Gillen
Pictures: Doug Braithwaite

These are the stories that make Thor a great book!
Hela and he realm, Hel, are in Mephisto's Hell. She needed a place for the Fallen of Asgard to go and Loki made it possible. Loki also made it possible for the Disir, hellish female Asgardian spirits curse with the hunger of Asgardian flesh in death as they were in life, on Hel.
Thor has to try to save Hela and the Fallen from the maws of the Disir, not an easy task when the only weapon that can kill them, a sword called Eir-Grim, is deep in the realm of Mephisto.
Thor begins his quest through Hell.
This was great, the conversation between Mephisto and Thor was what I would expect: Mephisto tries to tempt the Thunder God only to be answered with a very determine glare.
I really can't say enough about this book, great art and story.
Also, the second Thor series has been dropped. I like it, but I'm going to grab the trades.

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