Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Pulls

Words: Joe Quesada
Pictures: Paolo Rivera, Joe Quesada, Danny Miki & Richard Isanove

One Moment in Time Concludes! I have to admit, this was a very good conclusion to a very interesting story.
Dr. Strange, Reed Richards and Tony Stark all work together to make the world forget Peter Park is Spider-Man, like they did with the Sentry.
Stark seems to think it's time for the Illuminati to stop messing around with other heroes lives though but agrees to help.
A deal is made and a spell is cast but Peter can't allow MJ to live a lie so he makes it so she is the only person who remembers Parker's secret.
This takes us to One More Day and the fallout of Peter's actions. MJ isn't happy with it, it seems, as she wanted to forget but seems willing to live with it.
Flash to the present and MJ tells Peter that basically they will always be friends but he needs to move on. Find someone else. Personally, this makes me VERY happy because I really didn't like MJ being his 'better half' Loved this story and this issue was actually worth $3.99!

Words: Mark Waid
Pictures: Paul Azaceta

Origin Of The Species, Part 1! Now, with OMIT behind us we can move on!
With the relationship of Peter Parker and Mary Jane set we can move on to, well, a major blow out it seems.
On the Life of Peter Parker Front: He's out of money, living with the room mate from Hell and needs to find a job but after JJJ blackballed him making it impossible for Parker to make money taking pictures. He also has a date with Carlie (who, by the way, I like better than MJ) which is good, he's trying to move forward.
The date becomes 'hanging out' with friends because when Peter shows up we see Carlie talking to Harry and MJ.
Meanwhile...Doctor Octopus has hired virtually all of Spider-Man's enemies to locate and bring to him a certain item with will make their dreams come true, according to the Good Doctor.
The shocker is what the prize is: Some time ago Harry was dating a hot chick who was also the villain Menace. She had taken some of Norman Osborn's goblin potion and became a maniac. After Harry found out, and still professed his love for her, she admitted she was pregnant...with NORMAN'S child! She was captured by Norman's people and hasn't been seen in some time. Now, after the Norman's fall she has escaped and is seeking Harry's help because she's in labor! And it seems the child is what Doc Ock is looking for! Why? Who knows...maybe it has something to do with the kids parents both being Goblins...

Words: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pictures: Miguel Sepulveda

In a word: DAMN! This is the best event Marvel has had since Annihilation: Conquest!
Last issue, Drax attacked and killed Thanos. Seemed like a very bad thing to do and it was, but not because Thanos was seemingly destroyed, no, he can no longer die, the problem came from Thanos killing Drax, who it turns out is an Avatar of life because of the reasons behind his creation. That death made their location known to the Revengers and their leader Captain Marvel.
On the battle front, Nova leads Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, The Silver Surfer, Quasar and Ronan on an attack on the main ship of the Revengers and an all out battle ensues.
Surfer cracks and joke, Captain marvel takes out Nova and learns the reason he sought out Namorita. Power levels are discovered when the Cancerverse version of Mar-Vell attacks the Silver Surfer and destroys his surfboard!
This story just keeps getting bigger and better and it tops everything Marvel is putting out right now. If you aren't reading Marvel Cosmic books you need to!

THOR #614
Words: Kieron Gillen
Pictures: Doug Braithwaite

Wow! Thor taking on the Disir and fighting for the realm of Hela while in the realm of Mephisto!
When the smoke cleared and Thor wins, I won't say how, we find out Loki had his hand in more of this than we first knew.
But now, even after all of this is done, where is Loki? Hela says he isn't in her realm and Thor want sot learn more about his current whereabouts.
He learns what he doesn't want to know...
I know I'm being very vague about this but this issue has some very nice twists and turns that I can't say to much about without giving away important points in the story.
Sorry...all I can say is this is a great issue and I cannot wait to see how the upcoming creative team does starting with the next issue!

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