Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekly Pulls

Words: Mark Waid
Pictures: Paul Azaceta

Origin Of The Species, Part 2! This could be considered an 'all out action issue.' We have Spider-Man trying to save/protect the baby of Norman Osborn and Lilly Hollister aka Menace, a baby that has pure Goblin blood. That makes this baby very important to one Doctor Octopus who claims the baby can make anything he wants come true. So, to get the kid he 'hires' just about every Spider-Man villain, old and new, to get this kid and that's where the fun starts!
Spidey is able to get the baby away from Doc Ock and tries to take him someplace safe. Only problems are the other villains, like Electro and Sandman trying to get the baby and Spidey not being able to hide anywhere because everyone and their dad has a camera of sorts and no matter where Spidey tries to go he's being filmed which allows the Doc to know where he is. Great story and some very nice action!
Also, I have to say I really enjoy the art for this story.

Words: Brian Clevinger & Lee Black
Pictures: Brian Churilla

The lighter retelling of the legendary Infinity Gauntlet story continues!
With the aid of U.S. Ace, our team of Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, hulk, Wolverine and Dr. Doom travel to the center of the Milky Way to find out what cased the disappearances of half of the people on earth and punch it. (I have to say this is almost like What If..? Nextwave had fought during the Infinity Gauntlet.
Now, I'm sure some people will STILL be crying about how these characters are acting out of character, for instance when the heroes leave earth there is a 'debate' over should should get shotgun. Doom says "As the only ruler of a sovereign nation to embark upon this journey, DOOM shall take the coveted "shotgun" seat."
Doom: "Doom...will allow this breach of protocol."
Good stuff. If you're familiar with the original story you should really be checking this out. It's the basic story without all the heavy continuity and crossovers, good for introducing your kids to the event, and the art is very light and fun.

Words: Daniel Way
Pictures: Carlo Barberi

You know...I'm really not sure what to say about this issue. It really doesn't make much sense, even for a Deadpool comic.
It starts with him in a gas station/party store trying to buy a microwave burrito with gold (he doesn't have cash) while the Middle Eastern man in a turban says no, he only takes American dollars.
From there we have the man denying he's a terrorist while a group of people show up with the same regenerative powers of DP who want the man, or what he has stored beneath his store: weapons.
After denying he's a terrorist a few more times he admits he is, but only after Steve Rogers shows up with his Secret Avengers, knocks out DP (giving us another pointless flashback).
After the guy admits he was a terrorist, DP shoots him in the head and gets offered a place in the Secret Avengers.
I'm not sure what's going on with this series but there have been to many issues like this lately. Issues that have no real purpose and offer nothing of an overall storyline.
But, at least it was funnier than some recent issues of this series have been.

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