Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekly Pulls **100th POST THIS YEAR!**

Words: Mark Waid
Pictures: Paul Azaceta & Matthew Southworth

Origin Of The Species, Part 4! Spider-Man, thinking the baby he tried so hard to save is dead, goes on a rampage through New York City looking for the person or persons responsible for it. All the third and forth string villains are running for their lives as Sidey takes out The Spot, El Diablo, Screwball, Electro, The Enforcers and more!
Meanwhile we have a shot of Harry holding some vials of the Green Goblin formula and looking at it as if thinking about taking it!
Mary Jane, Carlie Cooper and Lily Hollister try to keep things together while being stalked by Tombstone!
And Doc Ock gets VERY close to getting the baby, and finally revealing that he hopes the baby's blood will be enough to heal his beaten and withered body, only to have the baby taken from his man the Chameleon by none other than...The Lizard!
All out action continues in this installment of one of Brand New Day's more exciting stories! If there is one complaint it's some of the art. While I like it in general, there are some panels where Spider-Man look kind of chunky and it does tend to distract from the flow of it, as a long time reader would tell you a fat Spider-Man generally means a fake Spider-Man. It's tradition. Not saying that's the case here it's just how Spidey is being drawn.

Words: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pictures: Miguel Sepulveda

It really begins to hit the fan in this issue! We have betrayals, not the bad kind though!
The Cancerverse version of Scarlet Witch turns on her compatriots to help stop the evil Captain Marvel from destroying our Marvel Universe. She is destroyed for doing so but not before she transports Thanos and the Guardians to the place where the Cancerverse began.
Nova tries to convince the remaining defenders to help aid the Guardians but they would rather stay on the front line and help the Abstracts (Galactus and the Celestials for example) fight off the massive Galactus Engine, Medusa remarks that she feels there is something more powerful and BIGGER behind the Galactus Engine...I fear what that can be!
The other betrayal is Thanos. He knows the Cancerverse creatures want him dead and Thanos wants nothing more than to be dead so he offers his life up in exchange for that very same death. Knowing Thanos there is more going on here than we are seeing. In the Cancerverse Death has been destroyed. If Thanos is killed there will it also reset the concept of Death and destroy the Cancer?
So what's this all leading up to? Well, next month is the sixth and final issue of this series that Marvel claims will change the face of the Cosmic branch of the Marvel Universe and from what we're seeing here they aren't kidding!
On the art side, it flows very nicely perhaps the only fall back is Thanos being drawn as a freaking huge Hulk sized guy. But it's easy to follow and very exciting...I almost don't want it to end!

THOR #616
Words: Matt Fraction
Pictures: Pasqual Ferry

The set up continues concerning the after effects of Thor bringing Asgard to Earth. The beings that are seemingly going from realm to realm destroying everything continue their crusade as Thor begins to regret the death of his half brother Loki.
It's a set up issue so not much happens, just a story progressing and that's NOT a bad thing.
What is kind of a bad thing is the way Ferry is drawing Thor himself. I noticed it a little bit last month but it's really obvious this month. Ferry is drawing Thor to match the no-name actor who's playing him in the upcoming live action movie.
I can't say I really like that, it's distracting and takes me out of the story. BUT I really like Thor and I've been reading this series for a few years now so I'm not really willing to drop a good book because the artist wants to ruin the look. But it isn't easy.

Words: Roger Langridge
Pictures: Chris Samnee

Yeah, I wasn't going to buy this on a monthly basis, I loved the first issue but couldn't rationalize having a second ongoing Thor comic. Until I found out the first trade collection will be a smaller than standard size and will only collect the first four issues along with reprints of books I'll have in Essential Thor, Volume 1, overall it didn't make sense.
So, for the next few weeks I'll be picking up a new issue of this until I'm caught up.
The story is basically out of continuity and kind of resets the Thor story in modern times. It's fun and light hearted and innocent. Fun is what I'm trying to say.
Thor is on Midgard and has to learn how our world works while trying to figure out why he's there and how to return to Asgard. It's an all ages book that I still recommend for anyone.
With next week's Issue 3 I'll begin to get more into the actual story. For now, just know it's good and fun.

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