Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekly Pulls

Words: Bill Willingham
Pictures: Inaki Miranda

The titles of this issue is Dark City and it focuses on Mister Dark, the new villain introduced after the Great War and the Fall of Fabletown. He's taken over the spot of Fabletown and is slowly building his own kingdom in it's place.
We learn a little more about him such as he personifies fear. A very interesting concept. He's able to induce anyone's fear upon them regardless what it is.
We also learn more about his teeth deal. What happens it when he eats the teeth of someone they become little more than zombie slaves to him. He calls them 'witherlings' and while they appear mindless and rotting he apparently hears their thoughts and holds conversations with them as a master would with his slaves.
He chooses some very interesting victims. They are all people that have come into some kind of contact with the Fables. An example it Molly Greenbaum who had a one night stand with Prince Charming that was shown briefly in the very first few issues of the series! The question is why is he picking these specific people?
Another part of this issue involves Bigby's father, the North Wind and his attempt at talking Mister Dark into leaving the mundy world for good. He tells Mister Dark of the duel with Bellflower (formerly Totenkinder) which seems to excite Mister Dark. The most interesting bit here is North Wind using Mister Dark's real name: Dullahan.
Finally, the kids of Snow and Bigby are given some screen time. They are being taught to embrace their North Wind heritage and North Wind himself learns of the existence of Ghost.
Overall, a very well done issue and a perfect representation of 'the calm before the storm' that well will see next month in FABLES #100!

Words: Daniel Way
Pictures: Carlo Barberi

Deadpool continues his quest to be a hero. He teams up with who he thinks is Moon Knight, Black Widow and Steve Rogers, who loves to beat him up.
It turns out these are simply clones created by Doctor Bong who wants to have Deadpool on his team of clones, presumably to rule the world (Doctor Bong is a little out of touch and kind of weird)
Anyway, the REAL Steve Rogers shows up and fun ensues.
I'm getting the feeling Way doesn't know what he's doing with this title anymore. This "Deadpool wants to be a hero" things has been done for a long time out and he's failed at it so many times you'd think he's just give up on it. Or, at least, i wish he would.
Perhaps with all the other Deadpool books running currently Way doesn't have much room to play matter the reason this series is beginning to suffer from lack of direction and plain fun
I still like the art though!

Words: Brian Pulido & Mike Wolfer
Pictures: Marcelo Mueller

This begins the all-new ongoing series starring the legendary Lady Death who made her first appearance way back in 1991's Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild miniseries which I recently reviewed here.
She is no longer with the Chaos! Cosmos and Evil Ernie and after more than a few failed or less than exciting runs with CrossGen and Avatar Comics she lands at Boundless and begins anew.
The story begins with Lady Death's kingdom under siege by someone calling herself Death Queen. She seems hellbent on killing everyone in Lady Death's realm and even wears a mask of Death's face in an evil grin.
After destroying Lady Death's kingdom, killing much of her army she confronts the Diva of Death herself and seemingly defeats her!
It's an interesting take on Lady Death but I have to admit, I miss the good old days when Lady Death could take on all of Heaven and Hell and come out on top. But, after reading this free preview I have to admit...I'm more than a little interested in where this is going to go. I have to figure out if I want to grab it monthly or pick up the trades. But anyone interested in Lady Death should run to their local comics shop and pick up this free issue!

Words: Roger Landgridge
Pictures: Chris Samnee

More old school Marvel style action continues! This issue things begin to settle down after the last two issues of Thor Vs. Mister Hyde. We begin with Thor having a dream about his arrival on Earth. We begin to learn more about why he's there, Odin wishes to teach him a lesson of some sort. Thanks to Loki's involvement he is granted a hasty vision before Jane walks in.
The next day Jane is suspended from her job at the museum and to put her mind at ease she decides to take Thor shopping to get him more...normal clothing.
While all this is going on we meet Hank Pym, Ant-Man/Giant Man, and his wife Janet, The Wasp, as Pym learns of the death of his long time friend at the hands of Hyde. He decides to try to bring his friends killer to justice.
At the worst possible moment, Thor begins to see Loki's vision but it blurs his perspective and he begins to see Asgardian concepts on earth. He sees Giant Man as a Frost Giant and a fun little fight ensues.
This series continues to be a highly entertaining series that should be read by everyone. It's nice, back to basics, story telling and light hearted art that LOOKS like comic book art. I can't recommend this enough!

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