Monday, November 08, 2010

The Long Box #15: Evil Ernie

Words: Brian Pulido
Pictures: Justiniano
August 1995

Chaos! Comics had a universe of titles that kept a fairly strong continuity. If something major happened in one title it was felt in another. Good times.
This one-shot is in continuity and takes place after Evil Ernie: Revenge and centers on Dr. Leonard Price who is now in a coma and missing an arm.
While in his coma he begins to dream, though we don't really know this until the end, and in his dream super heroes exist in the world. We see a retelling of Evil's origin but set in this new reality. His parents are heroes who fund the actions of the other heroes. The others know Ernest is abused but feel they can't do anything about it for fear of losing the funding of the Fairchilds. Ernest is telepathic and 'hears' the thoughts of the heroes and begins to hate heroes. They claim to be all about helping people but won't help him.
The next part we go through the Dream Probe (2099) and then Neurotech (2099), Lady Death's intro and the demise of Ernest and birth of Evil Ernie told through the world of heroes.
The main part of the story is the fight between Evil Ernie and 'alternate' versions of Marvel and DC heroes like Batman, Spider-man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, the X-Men and many more. Along the way we are treated to many in-jokes about comics, mostly super heroes stuff, including shots at the Spider-Man Clone Saga and Batman always having something useful on his belt.
Loads of fun, especially if you like the idea of one unstoppable monster tearing through the universe of the Big Two.

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