Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Comics For August 19

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #603: Chameleon continues to use Peter's identity to collect information for his employers: terrorists bent on destroying New York City, or so he assumes...
With Peter's face on, Chameleon manages to get REALLY close to his new roommate, stop a stalker from annoying MJ and, towards the end of this issue, settle thing with Harry with a bang! What's going to happen when Peter finally returns and see the damage/help that has been done to his life?
Amazing Spider-Man Has been a great series since the infamous One More Day/Brand New Day reset of Spidey's past. This story features the return of Peter's ex-girlfriend, Mary Jane and has some really nice covers!

JACK OF FABLES #37: Jack Frost, son of Jack Horner, decides his path: He's going to be a hero. His first stop is giving up the powers he inherited from his mother, the Snow Queen, then he has his first fight with thugs. It seems to me there is a little bit of Horner in this guy. Meanwhile...Jack seems to have ticked off his secondary artist. He's being drawn as an unattractive fat, balding guy and now seems to have fogotten who he is in terms of knowing he's a character in a story. His sidekick, Gary seems to have forgotten that he can talk to inanimate objects and bring them to life. I wonder if this is part of the fallout from The Great Fables Crossover? This issue starts a pretty bold new direction for this series in that we have 2 main characters named Jack and the characters are being reset or something.


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