Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Comics

WOW! This week turned out to be a Mighty Marvel Week to be sure!

DEADPOOL #14: Wade has finally realized something: Being a pirate isn't fun. Just Johnny Depp made it look fun but it's a lot of work. Also, I think while this concept might have seemed like a good idea, it really wasn't. Issues 13 and 14 were probably the most boring issues of this run so far. The story was pretty flat and I found myself thinking about other things and at some points even falling asleep! But, it's over and we can all look forward to issue #15!

FANTASTIC FOUR #570: NEW TEAM! Finally! This one is a marked improvement over the previous year and a half. Hell, even the covers look better with a more traditional FF logo instead of some stupid wanna-be magazine look. The events of the previous issues were pretty much ignored except for the whole Ben ditching his bride to be thing which was gleamed over pretty fast, a good thing, and now it sets the stage for a Reed Richards saga. He's realized the mistakes that he's made, after going over them in DARK REIGN: FANTASTIC FOUR, and he plans to fix everything. Possibly with the help of the different Reed Richards' from different realities, some of which, at least three, have Infinity Gauntlets! But didn't the Illuminate have the gems?

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #17: WAR OF KINGS tie-in: The end of the War of kings left a HUGE rip in the fabric of time and space. The Guardians were warned something like this would happen but no one would listen to them. So, being the kind of guy he is, Adam Warlock stood up and stopped the fissure, known as The Fault, from growing. But the cost was heavy: He had to connect current time to a future that was abandoned years ago. Thing is, it was the reality that Adam prevented from being when he prevented the Magus from being created years ago. Now, Warlock is the Magus once more and we've seemingly lost 2 members of the Guardians!

NEW AVENGERS #56: Mayhem! The (New) Avengers have lost their powers and a new player seems to be making a power play in an attempt to be in Osborns good graces. This series has a great artist in Stuart Immonen (NEXTWAVE) and is going in a great new direction! Still loads of fun to read!

NOVA #28: WAR OF KINGS tie-in: Richard has had a lot to go through recently with Worldmind being taken over by Ego, The Living Planet and the War of Kings but he's done pretty well. This issue focuses on his love for his brother and his finally coming to terms that his brother belongs in the corps. Great story and great art.

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