Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Comics for September 16, 2009

This week was a little stronger than I expected.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #605: This one wraps up the "Red Headed Stranger" storyline and shows a little bit of what exactly happened between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Also we see some of the fall out Peter has to suffer through after the Chameleon made some interesting moves in his life. Overall, it was a decent issue, but what really takes away from it is the $3.99 cover price. Marvel is already getting $12 a month from fans on this series, I don't understand why a random issue needs to be priced at $3.99. The main story was good but, seriously, the other stories here could have easily been back up stories in futures issues.

DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #3: Continuing the story of the Head from the Dead. Deadpool is still in the Savage Land trying to get his head out of trouble...well, the zombified head of the Zombie Deadpool that is. The series is finally starting to come into its own which is more than what can be said for the main Deadpool series. It's a nice change of page to see him dealing with things not directly related to Dark Reign. And, hey, who doesn't love a Zombie T-Rex?

FABLES #88: 12 issues until FABLES #100! This issue focuses mainly on Frau Totenkinder. She has a plan to fix some things but needs to be alone to do it. After talking to King Cole about the money problems the Farm faces she decides to do what she can for them before heading out to do something, presumably, about Mister Dark. It was really interesting to see why she is always on that rocking chair, it's more than just a chair, we also get some more of her origin as well as finally seeing what she's been knitting nearly from the first issue! Let's just say Beauty and the Beast are going to have another mouth to feed!
Also, we see a long little monkey prepare to take on the vile Babba Yagga and a jinn!

MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN #3 of 5: This round goes to Zombie Wolverine! Zombie Spider-Man thinks he has found a way to stop the hunger but he needs a sample of Wolverine's blood in order to use the healing factor. So this world's Wolverine (this world, by the way, is now called Earth-Z) is needed. Problem is he's busy fighting Zombie Wolverine and members of the Hand that have been turned. Things seemingly turn out alright in the end although Earth-Z's Wolverine had some pretty nasty looking bite marks on his arm!

THOR ANNUAL #1: More fallout from the Fall of Thor. Really though this story could have been made part of the regular series as it does fit nicely. I remember when Annuals had an impactful story in them. This was just like a regular issue of Thor. Not really much else can be said except we now know the Death Gods are now gunning for Thor and the Thunder God has lost not only his home and stature but he lacks the confidence needed to be Thor.

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