Friday, September 25, 2009

New Comics: September 23, 2009

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #606: A GREAT cover by J. Scott Campbell is just the start. This issue features the long awaited return of the Black Cat and a surprise appearance of Diablo! Alright so, Cat is after a book and Spidey doesn't know why. He just had to deal with 3 women all wanting his attention, one of which would also like to pummel him, and adding the feelings he has for the Cat just makes things more entertaining. The first scene in Parker's apartment where his roommate, his co-worker and Mary Jane all come at him is golden. Almost makes you wish he were fighting the Sinister Six, at least that would be easier!
In another part of the story we learn Black Cat's powers of...bad luck(? I never understood that) are back and almost kills Spidey. He finds her on a 'job' which means she's stealing something. Turns out to be a book from the office of the new owner of the DB! (Formerly the Daily Bugle) What's the book got in it and who wants it? That's the mystery and does it tie into The Gauntlet? Don't know but the issue was one of the most entertaining this year!

FANTASTIC FOUR #571: The cover of this one is sweet. Reed Richards with the Infinity Gauntlet standing on the body of Galactus! What does it mean? Well, Reed has been contacted by a Council of Reeds from different realities. they have decided to get together and fix, well, everything. Some have Gauntlets which apparently only work in the reality they are from others are just really damn smart, just like our Reed. While all this is going on, Sue is getting more and more upset with Reed's distancing of himself, she has no idea what's going on, and Franklin is preparing for his birthday party! Reed learns that Doom is quite possibly the worst thing in the Universe and that the Celestials are really mad at the Council! This issue alone blows away that last year and a half of this series!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #18: The Guardians are still trying to find their way to their own timeline. The Fault and Warlock's tampering of it, which has turned him into the Magus (!) have knocked them out of step with time. In many ways this felt like a filler issue, kind of just explaining what's going on while everyone was in the reality from Marvel's version of "The War Of The Worlds" really fun though!

MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN #4 of 5: World War (Zombie) Hulk starts here! Earth Z is having a hell of a time with this whole Zombie thing. Zombie Spider-Man is trying to fix things but Zombie Giant Man is making things much worse. He's taken out the Inhumans who in turn have attacked Hulk returning from "World Without A Hulk." The heroes are learning something is very wrong but it may be too late as Zombie Hulk has attacked and turned this world's Sentry into a Zombie...kind of interesting when you think back to Marvel Zombies #1 where it was Zombie Sentry that started it in that world. Next up: Avengers Dismember! So far this was my favorite issue of this series!

NEW AVENGERS #57: I'm really hoping something is going to happen soon. Last issue the New Avengers all lost their powers...this issue they deal with that, most get their powers back but it seems like Cage is having more trouble than the rest of them. His heart is apparently not able to deal with things and he's having a major heart attack. That is pretty much the bulk of this's hoping something happens next month!

NOVA #29: Meanwhile, back and the Fault... Nova and his new Corps is learning new things about it. For instance: NASTY things are just beyond the walls of our reality! This one has two things, both bad, in it: 1) World Mind is attacked with some sort of Nanotech that disrupts her defenses, while she tries to repair herself the body she took over, that of the Living Planet Ego, begins to heal very fast and still wants the power of the Nova Corps. 2) We learn that there is a drug that turns some pretty nasty things into Mindless Ones. From the Dark Dimension of Dormammu they blast their way into our reality! This is NOT GOOD!

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