Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Comics For September 2, 2009

This was a REALLY small week.

DEADPOOL #15: This was something of a shock...DEADPOOL #14 came out just last week! Alright, so, Wade has decided eh actually kind of likes helping people and sets out to do just that. After being adrift at sea for who knows a how long, he eventually gets saved, has more hallucinations and ends up in San Francisco. Once there he tries to blend in by dressing and somewhat acting gay. Some might find that offensive but those people need to sit down and be quite. It was funny and further display how Wade's mind functions when he's not focused on something, like getting paid to kill. His mind wanders...A LOT. Eventually, he figures out what he needs to do: Join the X-Men!

MARVEL ZOMBIES: RETURN #1 of 5: This weekly event picks up the slack of MARVEL ZOMBIES 2 where the original Zombies were zapped out of their reality into new realities. The story opens with the Watcher looking for them. He locates Zombie Spider-Man who ends up in the past of Peter Parker. He tries to reclaim his role as hero but sadly the Hunger is to strong and he ends up bringing the plague to a new world. It's interesting to see old school characters meeting with this blood thirsty ghoul of Spider-Man. It's Zombie Spider-Man Vs. the Sinister Six...which turns into the Sinister Six Course Meal! Also, Uatu, The Watcher, tries to rally his other reality counterparts to locate the remaining Zombies and destroy them. But Zombie Giant Man has other plans!

Again, this was a VERY small week which is fine because after Monday's announcement from Disney, I think we could use some down time.

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