Friday, October 16, 2009

New Comics: October 14, 2009

Sorry it's late, lots of stuff going on and this was a really small week.

DEADPOOL #900: Nothing like skipping a few hundred issues to make it look like you have the longest running coming on the shelves today, right? That was the idea behind this issue which is basically an annual done with more flair than normal This was sort of a jam issue with different artists and writers giving their take on Deadpool. Overall it was pretty fun, oddly enough my favorite story was drawn by Rob Liefeld (I know, right?) and written by THE Deadpool writer: Mr. Joe Kelly! It was a really funny story focusing on Deadpool's past, he apparently made a bet with someone when they were kids and he came around to see if he'd won. This doesn't mean there wasn't a heavy body count...including a rather annoying dog.
The second half was a reprint of DEADPOOL TEAM-UP which featured "Widdle Wade" a midget sized clone of the Merc With A Mouth.

FABLES #89: Wow! only 11 issues to go until FABLES #100! This is starting to pick up even more! Totenkinder is back in the Homelands searching for clues on the identity of Mister Dark, she locates his prison box but still can't figure him out. Meanwhile, Bigby and Beast try to gather information from the remains of Fabletown with no success, Mister Dark killed Mrs. Finch, very sad. Then there is the matter of the Monkey Vs the Witch and Genie! The Jinn was captured and the fun part will be how will a little monkey, a magic mirror and the heads of Frankenstein's monster and the wooden soldiers be able to defeat a witch like Baba Yaga?

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