Friday, January 01, 2010

January 1, 2010!

It's official. I'm now in my 20th year of collecting comic books. I enter the new year with just over 5,030 comics in my collection and it all started with Ghost Rider, Vol. 2, No. 1 from 1990.
I used to go into my local comic book shop (LCS) to pick up horror movie magazines I used to collect, Fangoria and GoreZone among others, and one day I decided to take a look at these comics they carried. As I looked at the offerings one caught my eye.

The LCS was Nostalgia, Ink which is now in it's 25th year of operation in downtown Jackson, MI (I have a link to the Facebook page in my list of links) and the comic book was Ghost Rider.
It's amazing, in those days I had NO idea about shipping dates and that certain books come out on certain weeks (at least, that's how it USED to be done) and I certainly had no idea about the difference between DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Then there was the whole 'event' comics. Wow, so much I didn't know at the time.

But that was 2 decades ago and I've learned a LOT in that time but I honestly don't think I know enough. Over the next year I'm going to be sharing some of the things I've learned about comics as well as sharing some of the good, bad and ugly comics in my collection. Trust me when I tell you: I started collecting comics in the 1990's...I have a LOT that I question myself on these days.
News, opinion and reviews are going to be done here as often as I can so check back often, better still, subscribe to my little blog here AND I welcome any and all suggestions, criticisms and feedback of any kind here.

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