Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Comics 1/09/10

This is a little late because A) I was in Florida for a few days and missed new comic book day and 2) when I came home I was able to get my comics yesterday but was very sick and unable to read and review them.
I'm a little better now so we'll see how well this first official post of 2010 goes:

CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE #3 of 6: Cindy and Aladdin continue their quest to find the mystery magical object while trying to hate each other...the first they are getting better at and the second they fail miserably. This series is a great idea and features one of my favorite members of the FABLES cast. Allowing Cindy to be showcased like this enables readers to fully enjoy her talents.
The flip side is her shoe store. I'm not exactly what's going on with this sub-plot but it's hardly worth mentioning right now though I'm beginning to really wonder about it.

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #897: Guest starring the Ghost Riders. Now, I HATE what Marvel has done with Ghost Rider. There are two of them, they are angels or something and it's all very annoying. However, this isn't a Ghost Rider's a DEADPOOL book which means we get Ghost Rider gay jokes! 3 issues into this series and I'm actually really enjoying the 'team-up' premise of the book especially when Deadpool says things like "So what do you say, boys...? TEAM-UP...?" They go on a demon fighting spree in an old freaktown John Blaze used to stay in when he was younger. Lobster Boy has been possessed and the Riders must try to free him. Deadpool, however, has been hired by the Bearded Lady and a midget to kill Lobster Boy because he's an ass. See why this book rocks?

SIEGE #1 of 4: How can a book meet expectations AND fall short of them at the same time? Well, when you have the first issue of an event that's being touted as "7 Years In The Making" and features nearly every villain and who knows how many heroes assaulting Asgard, home of Thor AND it delivers some great moments in the first issue that I won't give away...well, it delivers!
When you are paying $3.99 for the issue and it gets a high glossy cover but the actual story is only just over HALF of the issue and the other half is a preview for another event you don't care about and 'transcripts' of a meeting from characters in the very story you just read (then add to that the misprinting of the same dialogue on 2 pages thus leaving out 'important' dialogue) it's a MISS.

This bring my comic book total to 5035

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