Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Comics: 01/13/10

Another small week for me. This one was a VERY small week.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #617: Continuing The Gauntlet storyline this issue focuses on the Rhino. Only not the Rhino we all know from years gone by, no, THAT Rhino decided he was tired of the criminal life and during the Civil War he turned himself in, registered and even had SHIELD remove the Rhino 'skin' from his body. He's a new man. Even got married and has a job.
No, this focuses on the NEW Rhino. What I really like is this reveal is just the the one that was done for the new Vulture. We don't know who he is or was outside the fact he subjected himself to an experiment and has skin or armor that looks like Rhino and he seems to want to kill the original in order to ascend.
Meanwhile...Peter wakes up with a shotgun pointed at him and later gets offered a full time job. You really have to love the life of Peter Parker!

Overall, this Gauntlet story is very interesting. New takes on classic villains is something we've needed for this series as much as we needed Brand New Day. New up is Mysterio and I cannot wait!

So, beyond the single comic, I also picked up a few trades:
ALL HAIL MEGATRON, Vol. 4: ends the title story as well as my run with this series. After this the ongoing starts and the art is horrible to look at. I haven't read this one yet but might do something here for it when I finish.
WALKING DEAD, Vol. 11: FEAR THE HUNTERS: I haven't read this either but it's Walking Dead so it'll rock.

Total: 5,036

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