Sunday, February 21, 2010

Favorite Gimmick Covers

As I begin to post more and more here, I'm thinking of other ways to put more of the comics in my collection here. Gimmick Covers is something I thought about.
Back in the 1990's gimmick covers were everywhere, much like variant covers and Deadpool is now. They were used, at first, to spotlight 'milestone' issues like #1, #25, #50 and so on. After a while they were used for the sake of being used. Some gimmicks were cool others were...well...not as cool.

Here is a cover that I've always enjoyed. LOBO #1, the first issue of DC's Main Man's ongoing series cover date December 1993.

By this time Gimmicks were pretty much everywhere and Lobo was a great way to poke fun at them. The gimmick for this one is embossed and silver foil, his zipper is raised and shiny, and Lobo brings some attention to it.
A few issues later, Lobo had another great cover that I will be posting at some time in a Favorite Cover post.
Thanks for check this out and, as always, any suggestions or comments are welcome and wanted. Let me know what I can do to improve what I'm doing, input is a great way to learn!

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