Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Pull List

Okay, even though I'm in the middle of defending Comic Books against the unprovoked and ignorant attacks of some far right-wing nut job, I still have new comics coming in every week. This week wasn't as embarrassingly small as last week.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #621: The Gauntlet continues! Spidey decides it's time to get that pesky red gas Mr. Negative made that can kill him and him alone. But he's not a thief. Good thing Black Cat is! So, they 'team-up' so switch this gas out for another.
Meanwhile, due to being infected with Mr. Negative's...negativity, Aunt May is still on a tear through the people in her life. She trashed Peter, tossed her family and Harry Osborn out of her home and these effects don't seem to be letting up. Spidey was able to beat it but Aunt May is going to be a challenge.
Let's see... Mary Jane showed up. Just for a quick few pages as Harry is crashing with her now. Plus, another quick thought from her that she knows Peter is Spider-Man.
Overall, a nice issue, good are and the story is moving forward at a good clip. Dan Slott is a great writer. I also have to say I'm very excited that The (New) Vulture is coming back in a few issues...after we see The Lizard next!

DEADPOOL #19: SPIDER-MAN! Because no one shows up in more comics a month than Spider-Man!! NO ONE! So, Deadpool wants to hang with Spidey. Well...with a 4th ongoing book coming out and all the variant covers and guest shots MAYBE Deadpool comes close...So, anyway, DP wants to learn the hero ways from Spidey but to do so he must first help Spidey figure out who killed the owner of a local store he liked. Deapool knows who's responsible and seems hesitant to do anything about it. Something about a monkey who is a hitman? Go figure. This is still my favorite of the Deadpool books even though we've had a few misses. Beyond could you NOT love that cover!?

DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #8: Deadpool is still on his mission to return Headpool back to the ZombiVerse. But messing around with the Nexus of All Realities has brought DP to the forefront of something big. Big enough to warrant the aid of the new Sorcerer Supreme: Doctor Voodoo. This, of course leads into the Deadpool Corps five week event in March but for now the gang must contend with the Marvel Zombies!
So, they end up in the Marvel Zombies universe...the first question I have is where in the Marvel Zombies continuity this falls in, though I am thinking it's AFTER the events in the first Marvel Zombies miniseries, because the earth is trashed and there are very few humans left. There seem to be few main event characters left as well as Zombie Moon Knight is the highest tier character we see.
Deadpool and Gang are saved but a group of humans who have set up shop and are fighting to live and trying to find a cure to save their planet. Will Headpool be able to help? Will he want to and would he have a choice? It's all very interesting.
I'm still getting used to the art though...

DOOMWAR #1 of 6: Okay, so apparently while Doom was part of the Cabal he'd also been working on taking over Wakanda. Apparently...he did it. Using a 'rebel' group as a front he was able to oust T'Challa and capture his queen, the X-Man Storm. It seems Vibranium, a metal only found in Wakanda, can be used to magnify magic much like it can turn sound into a weapon. If Doom is able to get his hands on enough of it he would be able to do ANYTHING.
T'Challa and his sister, the new Black Panther, along with a few loyalists seek the help of the X-Men to save Storm and take back Wakanda.
Overall, this is a good series and has the potential to be something huge seeing as how Doom is involved but I think it's going to be over shadowed by Siege for the first part of it.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23: This is one of those 'pay attention' issues. It rewinds the clock some to show you what happened when the Magus killed members of the Guardians. He didn't kill them, rather he took their souls and is using them to power himself and hopes to turn them against their friends. The key players here are Phyla (Quasar) and he lover Moondragon. Their love created a bond the transcends death. Phyla was able to contact Moondragon and warn her about the Magus being alive and getting more powerful.
The Magus, as usual, plans to destroy everything but this time he's going to use Gods he found on the other end of The Fault. This reality he found is devoid of death. The Gods there beat it and he wants them to do the same here. Doesn't sound so bad until you realize the Gods are evil and the reality they rule is a twisted obscenity and should be destroyed. This is also part of the ongoing Realm Of Kings event...or rather Non-Event as it doesn't seem to be doing much of anything which is fine with me.

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