Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Long Box

My reviews will be picking up over the next few days. I thought about a 'cool' name for my reviews and decided that since I'm taking books from my Collection Drawer Long Boxes that The Long Box will be a good name for my reviews.

Words by Alan Grant
Pictures by Christian Alamy
August 1996

This one was interesting especially with the recent announcement of the Lobo movie (rated PG-13) being canceled in order to make a sequel to Sherlock Holmes.
Lobo, in a bar as usual, finds out someone in Hollywood is making a movie about him. He's upset because 1) He wasn't asked to play himself and 2) he's not getting a single dime from the movie. So, to fix this he goes to earth to find out who gets fragged for this.

Scene changes to Hollywood, Galactic Studios and it's head are both in debt. We learn that Mr. Lynch, the head of the Studio, has taken out a rather large insurance policy covering 'accidental damage.' I guess we can all see where this is heading.

So, Lobo shows up and see his movie version, a sad little twit who says things like "potato poots" while playing Lobo.
Naturally, Lobo decides to destroy and kill all he can, mayhem and madness ensues and, true to form, Lobo ends up being the only one who lives and the studio, the head, lawyer, accountant and a few stuntmen all end up dead.

The funny thing about this is as a fan of the character you can see Lobo doing something just like this is he were to find out someone was making a PG-13 movie out of an R-Rated character.

The story is the normal Alan Grant Lobo story, fun, self-referential humor and a few pot shots taken at writers and DC Comics. the art is smooth and does a good job of showing the action. Although Lobo wearing suspenders with skulls on the is a little odd.

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