Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pull List For 2/4/10

Kind of a light week this week so let's get to it:

CINDERELLA: FROM FABLETOWN WITH LOVE #4 of 6: This series continues to show me how much I really love the FABLES book. It's great seeing specific characters getting the spotlight and getting to show what they can do.
This time around we finally find out a little bit of what's going on. Three Fable Women who were always part of a harem are freed only to discover the women of the Mundy world are just as much in slavery as they were and they decide to do something about it...for themselves. They've been getting magical items from the Homelands and they sell them for a lot of money to mundies then take the money they make and buy lots of guns which they in turn made a deal with someone in the Homelands to trade the guns for a bit of land so they can have their own kingdom and their own form of freedom.
Sounds nice but the danger they are creating: exposure of the existence of the Fables, is something that cannot be ignored.
Art is sound in this series as is the writing, although it would be nice to see Aladdin get more screen time and development but then again, this is Cindy's mini, not his.

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #896: Deadpool teams up with U.S. Ace, a truck driver who apparently has been everywhere including space. This was a pretty lackluster issue mainly because team-ups work much better when you're familiar with all the characters involved. Even biker raccoons didn't do much to salvage this issue. The best thing about it was the single panel where Deadpool flattens a raccoon which is what make the biker raccoons mad at him.
Again, this one was a miss but really, Deadpool has 3 ongoing books now and he can't be 'on' all the time, right?

However, the cover by the great Ramos was nice to see. I've always liked this guys art from way back in the day of CRIMSON. It'd be nice to see him do more stuff, defiantly a full Deadpool book somewhere!

NOVA #34: Realm of Kings issue stuff continues. I'm not sure what this realm Of Kings thing is supposed to be about but Nova is still dealing with The Fault and is doing...alright...with it. This current story with the Sphinx is pretty out of place. I understand that at one point he was Nova's main baddie but now he just seems out of place. The story where Sphinx is fighting a younger version of himself for control of some stones and his life is not as interesting as it could be.
There isn't much more I can say about it other than it does have some interesting foreshadowing for Darkhawk. Seems Talon isn't dead and more Raptors are going to be coming back...unless it was a ruse because everything that happens here is out of place and time.
Another interesting bit was the statue Black Bolt saw...he knows he dies and we know Medusa leads the Inhumans until she dies in something called the Shadow War. I'm curious about that.

SIEGE #2 of 4: The Siege of Asgard kicks into full gear! The writing is sound here, personally I never understood the hate of Brian Bendis he's a nice guy and a damn good writer, and the art is SPOT ON. The things about this that is really getting to me is that at issue #2 we are already half way through this! A major Marvel event told on this scale in only 4 issues! Astounding!
So, this issue we see the train wreck coming: The Dark Avengers are attacking Asgard, the Asgardians are fighting like mad to defend themselves and their home and the Avengers are geared up and heading into the fray themselves.
This issue contains a major shock involving a certain God who may or may not survive what happens to him...I mean, God can be killed and can come back but can a God come back from what happens to this one in this issue? I cannot say who it is or what happens but I can say when I say the panel in question I did say DAMN! out loud!
The other great moment in this issue was the last page. It's perfect usage of 'slow motion' in comics and a really great lead in to issue #3...I just wish we could have seen the look on Osborns face!

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