Saturday, March 27, 2010

Favorite Covers #6

LOBO #3 (ongoing)
Cover Date: March 1994

I love Lobo. He's really the only character in the DC Universe that I can follow and, depending on how he's written, enjoy fully. He was the first DC character that I was able to get into because I didn't need to know a lot of continuity to really enjoy him.
Normally, I don't mind learning continuity, I'm not a lazy comics fan like a lot seem to be these days, but I was and still am a Marvel Guy.

Lobo is fun. He tends to break a lot of comic book rules and, at time, has broken the fourth wall and to an extent has acknowledged he exists in a comic book universe.

I love this cover as it's the first time, that I'm away of, that a main character has actually used his books logo as a lethal weapon. Only Lobo could do this. I know, "Deadpool can do it!" but Deadpool's logo doesn't have sharp edges like Lobo's does!
The sad thing is this series, unlike the previous one shots and miniseries', was a PG book. They watered the Main Man down a LOT and it did take away from some of the fun. It's wasn't the worst thing though. I enjoyed it.

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