Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Long Box

Words: Batton Lash
Pictures: John Buscema (Punisher) and Stan Goldberg (Archie)
August 1994

The Punisher is after a very bad man. This is normal. What ISN'T normal is hes working for the government, 'lowering' his standards as his sidekick Microchip says, and he leaves New York while tracking the bad guy, "Red" Fever down.

The trail leads to a small town called Riverdale where then people seem a little different.

One thing I did like about this was while the Punisher was in Riverdale he notices the things that make it a 'nice' town. People can walk the streets without fear of crime, the schools don't have metal detectors and aren't vandalized. It seems as though part of Frank wants to stay here but after completing his job he seems to go back to the way he normally is.

The art is really interesting in this one, because the two characters are drawn in a very different style, Marvel and Archie Comics both had artists that drew their respective characters, this way Punisher looked right as did the Archie gang. Also, MANY cameos from the Archie Universe: Josie and the Pussycats, Millie The Model, Patsy Walker and even though she isn't really seen, Sabrina the Teenage Witch makes a comment: " I asked the Doctor if the Hosts of Hoggoth were really Hoary..." implying she met Dr. Strange at one time. Personally, I would LOVE to see this one!

So, while the book isn't very deep and doesn't really effect the continuity of either character (does Archie have any continuity?) it does fit in with the Crossover Craze of the early/mid 1990's because at the end of it, Microchip remarks their next stop is Gotham City, referring to the two Marvel/DC crossovers with The Punisher and Batman.

Fun read, not a major thing but just fun.

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