Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Pull List

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #626: The Gauntlet Continues! After last week's phenomenal issue featuring the Rhino I was wondering how much of a let down this issue would be.
I wasn't let down, much to my surprise. This issue was actually a really good follow-up. This one features more of the fall out of Parker getting fired for faking a photo to save JJJ's reputation and political career.
It begins at the apartment Parker is still sharing with the Roommate From Hell. She is talking to a rather mean looking dude and after he leaves Parker decides to follow the guy because he's setting of the ol' Spider Sense.
What Spider-Man finds is a gathering of thugs that was pulled together by Bushwacker and Tombstone who called the gathering on behalf of the new Kingpin of Crime: The Hood!
Beyond the surprise of seeing these three goons, I had to wonder what was going on as well as what the panels showing a woman with a tail attacking guys meant... What we find is Hood purchased the original Scorpion battlesuit from Norman Osborn and means to find a new Scorpion.
While Spider-Man is learning all this he has a rather interesting confrontation with a woman dressed as 'Scorpion'? Yeah, if memory serves this was a female Scorpion first introduced in the AMAZING FANTASY revival series a few years back (if anyone can fill in the blanks on this lady, I'd appreciate it!). So, they fight and we learn Scorpion isn't there to fight but she wants the battlesuit.
We also learn that Scorpion's sting can inhibit anyone's superpowers for a short time. Spidey learns this just in time to get beat up a little before the thugs begin to think he's a fake.
The long and the short of the rest of the issue shows Peter's roommate, Michele, showing up to learn the big guy she thought was an innocent man (she's a lawyer, by the way) is actually the criminal he always was, Peter has to save her, himself AND the Scorpion. Spider-Man and Scorpion part ways seemingly on good terms and Peter and Michele finally have a talk and move past some of the stupidity they've been dealing with for a while.
But why did Scorpion want the battlesuit? Seems the wife and daughter of Kraven the Hunter wanted it. That was a bit of a surprise.
Overall, this was a great issue. I love the art for this series now, it's got a dark, noir style to it that really fits the tone of the story. This series continues to entertain me!

DEADPOOL #21: Alright, I'm not really get into this issue very much. I'll say I do like the art, it's very Deadpool, and I do like the teaming with Spider-Man (Sheesh, how many books does Spider-Man need to be in anyway?)
So why am I not getting into this one? Hit-Monkey. This character is such a stupid concept I had to choke my way through his portions of this issue.
Apparently, Hit-Monkey is the most feared assassin of all time. He's a MONKEY.
I don't know why this character is being treated like this, Marvel seems to think people like it. I don't...does anyone? I'm interesting in finding this our.
So, last issue Deadpool barely survived a run in with Hit-Monkey. This issue he decides to take Spidey's costume and, dressed as Spidey, gets 'killed'
This was all a set up to draw Hit-Monkey into the open. Deadpool's plan was to have the monkey arrested but was himself arrested for...
Well, it's really not that important. The issue was kind of funny but this Hit-Monkey thing just really kind of kills it. PLEASE: NO MORE HIT-MONKEY!!!

DEADPOOL CORPS: RANK AND FOUL: This is another of the Handbook style issues that gives the low down on the friends, enemies and lovers of Deadpool. From Doctor Bong to Widdle Wade you can learn what you feel you need to know from this issue.
Personally, I love the Handbooks. What they are is a way to learn some about characters, places, events, concepts in the Marvel Universe without having to chase everything down. It's like Wikipedia without all the glaring mistakes.
As I was looking through this I began to wonder if these characters in this one shot were going to be coming back in issues of DEADPOOL, makes sense...

NEW AVENGERS #63: Siege Continues! It's picking up and getting better. The better part means that this issue is actually going alongside what we see in SIEGE #3.
All hell is breaking out in Asgard. The New Avengers lead by the recently returned Captain America have arrived to help their friends, the Asgardian Gods and Goddesses.
Interjected into this main story are flashbacks to just before the fight. We get a rather interesting conversation between Luke Cage and his wife Jessica about the end of Osborn's Dark Reign and how things will be better with Captain America back. I've always thought Cage was just an interesting character but since his run in NEW AVENGERS I've learned Cage is a VERY interesting and really cool character! He's a hero. A good guy. I like that. He's tired of the Dark Reign and wants things to be the way they were. He wants to be able to help people without having to worry about being arrested and he's right. Keep an eye on Cage, I have a feeling big things are coming for him.
The other flashback concerns Ronin (the former Hawkeye) and the also recently returned Mockingbird. This is an interesting back and forth between the two and does set up the upcoming series featuring these two.
This one ends with Asgard falling and the possible second death of Mockingbird?

PRELUDE TO DEADPOOL CORPS #4 of 5: You just gotta love how continuity works in the Deadpool line of books.
Somehow, Deadpool and Headpool were seperated. I say somehow because we won't learn what happened until DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #13 (issue 9 just came out), which I believe is also going to be the final issue of that series. So they were seperated and we will find out in a few months how it happened.
What we DO know is Headpool was found on a boat by some familiar classic TV looking fellows and taken to a scientist who apparently likes to hunt humans and perform odd experiments on animals.
A few major things happen in this issue.
First: Headpool FINALLY become mobile. The scientist guy invented a 'personal flight beenie' which is controlled by brainwaves. So with this on, Headpool can now move around without having to be carried all the time. One has to wonder if he's going to try to bite anyone now.
Second: Deadpool gets some (again) from a woman who thinks he's her long lost husband. Far be it for Deadpool to disappoint the lady. So he gets a bit of action.
Third: The last page we finally see the complete Deadpool Corps together for the first time. Next month we find out who hired Deadpool for this and why!

THOR #608: Siege Coninues! Volstagg fights the Thor Clone now called Ragnarok! Volstagg realizes he's not the real God of Thunder and also knows he cannot fight the fraud in a town, flashing back to his last fight when a stadium was destroyed killing numerous people.
He takes the fight to just below Asgard...
The Asgardians know they are losing and yet they fight on. An attempt is made to take the Norn Stones from the Hood, stones of such power that allows him to kill Asgardians.
Asgardian Tyr knows things are bleak and looks to see if any injured Asgardians are fit enough to fight only to learn the gruesome fate of Ares, God of War.
Things are very bleak in this issue and we learn how the Asgardians, even in the face of total defeat, refuse to give up.
Volstagg continues to fight Ragnarok even though he cannot hope to win. The only good that comes from the fall of Asgard is that Ragnarok was unable to get out from underneath it in time.
Siege, when done, is looking like it's going to be my second favorite event books of all time, second only to the Infinity Gauntlet crossover event!

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