Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Pull List

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #627: The Gauntlet Continues! Although this is kind of an interlude to the Gauntlet story it does carry the main concepts. Peter is still out of work and he's still trying to maintain his truce with his evil roomie and he's still trying to forge something of a relationship with Carlie Cooper, who I like MUCH more than Mary Jane, by the way.
But where it wanders is we don't have a fight with a traditional Spider-Man villain.
The issue opens with a meteor hitting Central Park. At least we THINK it's a meteor until Spidey arrives on scene and sees an badly beaten and unconscious Juggernaught!
The big question is: Who stopped him?
While Spidey ponders this he finds a car on top of something it shouldn't be on and after questioning the very drunk man inside he gets his first clue: a man in a blue and white outfit who can fly.
At first Spidey doesn't think much of it until, while questioning the Juggernaut, he is given the same description!
Unfortunately, Spidey doesn't have much time to think about this before a man in a blue and white outfit smashes through the wall...

The art in this issue is by Lee Weeks, I've always loved his Spider-Man so I'm very happy with the art and Roger Stern's writing has a very old school feel to it, complete with the references to older issues which I always loved. Another fine Brand New Day-era issue!

FANTASTIC FOUR #577: Somethings going on here. Over the last handful of issues we've had new cities and new races introduced to the Marvel Universe.
I have the feeling it's building to something big.
This issue focuses on the full origin of the Inhumans. We know what we know about the Kree experimenting on humans centuries ago and creating the Inhumans, we presumed, as living weapons for their empire.
This was partially true but not completely.

It's kind of difficult to explain what all happens here as this it just part of a bigger puzzle that is slowly coming together. Needless to say the new group of Inhumans, from different species that the Kree did their thing to, have decided it's time to create a new Hala, a new home. And they have a place in mind, there's just one problem: We already live her!
JACK OF FABLES #44: Jack is still involved with a rather twisted King who is determined to maintain his rule and for some reason wants to live under the shadow of a monster who kills virgins and takes gold.
But why?
Jack is on his way to finding out, though he doesn't realize it yet, as he decides to take the fight to the monster man himself.
On the way, he fights the kings men, gets blown up, gets saved from being blown up by his witch friend, finds a space bound elevator and fights robot birds.

A very fun issue though maybe a little slow compared to the adventures of Jack Horner.
I kid.

PRELUDE TO DEADPOOL CORPS #5 of 5: The big finale! This was actually a really nice issue for me, I always love seeing the Elders of the Universe getting involved in something.
And when their plans include 5 different versions of Deadpool you know it's gotta be something big.
Okay, so, The Contemplator has decided to gather the Deadpools for a fight against an enemy who threatens the whole of the universe.
Sounds interesting.
It'll be even more interesting when we find out who or what this threat is.
This is just a lead in to the ongoing DEADPOOL CORPS which will cover the fight against the mystery villain. Though, personally, this could have been the first five issues of the series I still enjoyed it. I also don't think DEADPOOL CORPS will last very long. It's a bit much and Marvel will be in danger of running out of red ink.

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