Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Pull List

A little late on this one, I'm sorry but here's what I got LAST Wednesday:

CINDERELLA: FROM FABLE TOWN WITH LOVE #6 of 6: I loved this miniseries! I really hope they work more minis with other characters from the FABLES series.
This issue wraps up the mystery of who was trading Mundy weaponry for magical items. Cinderella and Aladdin end up in a small kingdom in the Homelands where the new ruler has outlawed being anything but happy.
So, who is the villain? Cinderella's Fairy Godmother(!) and she isn't as nice as we thought. Apparently, she got sick of her powers being weakened to the point where her spells fade at Midnight.
So, to fix this problem she took over a small Kingdom called Ultima Thule where the sun sets and it's dark for a very long time. As Cindy says, Midnight comes only once a year.
So, after a quick origin of Fairy Godmother Cindy decides to bring it all down. She uses her final animal friend, Dickory (Hickory, Dickory Dock...) who runs up the clock and the clock strikes one...
Fairy Godmother loses her powers and instead of killing her and she should, Cindy instead hands her over to the poor people she terrorized for a long time.
Great series and, just like FABLES, filled with great art and some of the best covers in comics.

DEADPOOL CORPS #1: Alright, I'm a pretty big fan of Deadpool. I collect all the books he currently has and I was kind of excited about this one mainly because of the involvement of the Elders of the Universe. I love these guys, each is a dick in his own special way.
However...there is ONE major complaint I have about this book which I'll get to in a minute.
Ok, to the story breaks down to Contemplator telling the Deadpool Corps (DPC) about a massive threat that devours the mind much like Galactus devours planets. So, the DPC's first mission is to stop it. The banter between the different versions of Deadpool is alright, there is room for improvement there.
But the confrontation between the DPC and the Elder called Champion was very funny. Although Champion is a little out of character here and very different from the guy who took on Thanos during the THANOS QUEST.
Now, my complaint: Rob Liefeld. Everyone knows I can't STAND this guys 'art' and this issue is no exception. Most artists who start out not so great tend to improve over the years. Most. Liefeld is the exception to that rule. Let me say if he is going to be a long running artist on this series I may just drop it.

MARVEL ZOMBIES 5 #1 of  5: I love Marvel Zombies. This issue is no exception.
So, picking up from MARVEL ZOMBIES 4, we have Machine Man aka Aaron Stack, hopping realities trying to find a cure for the zombie plague.
One thing I like about this is the introduction of the variations of Zombies in the Marvel Universe.
So, Machine Man ends up in an Old West reality tracking down a meteor which creates zombies from ANY dead person regardless how long they've been dead.
Now, this story focuses more on the people who live in this reality that on Aaron. I liked this, it gives you something solid to grasp onto.
When Aaron finally shows up he's right on task, same jokes and same disdain for humans or Fleshies as he calls him. But the truely golden moment was the reveal of his partner during this quest: Howard the Duck! I gotta admit I was just as surprised at this as I was for the Thanos reveal in last months GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.
So, it's Machine Man and Howard The Duck tracking down zombies and looking for a cure and that makes for a GREAT comic! This could very well be the best Marvel Zombies book since the original miniseries!

ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS AVENTURE #3: Let me just say, if you like something different from your zombie comics then you need to track down this series.
You get 3 parts of 3 stories taking place during different times of the Human/Robot vs Zombies War.
Kampf continues the story of a general trying to fight the legions of the undead to protect his wife and make up for the loss of his son and daughter. Though we know his daughter was kill by zombies we don't really know what happened to his son until that last page of this issues installment.
Masques shows how well a janitor does in a Iron Man-type suit while facing the undead. And apparently that isn't very well. He does kill a lot of them but he also takes out a military helicopter and almost takes himself out.
Zuvembies Vs Robots shows a bad situation getting worse as our Witch Doctor creates an even larger army of zombies in hopes of fighting the uncontrolled swarms of the undead in Haiti. It's goes to worse when a group of robots shows up and puts and end to his control...but what happens when voodoo created zombies no longer have someone to control them?

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