Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Pull List

Another small week:

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: GRIM HUNT - THE KRAVEN SAGA: This ties into the a biggest part of the current Gauntlet storyline running in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.
What we have here is a look into the life and times of Kraven The Hunter. It provided excellent filler and some information about the character I honestly didn't know about.
His brother is the Chameleon? I honestly didn't know that.
So, we get a small story where Madame Web tries to contact Spider-Man in order to warm him of the upcoming storm but get caught doing so and the new Kraven apparently tortures her for it.
We get a Saga style retelling of Kraven's life and times which is very informative. I always like the Saga releases. Besides being free they provide excellent liner notes about the lives of characters and groups. The only thing I wish they would also provide is what books these stories appeared in.
Overall, for a free book, this one is very useful and anyone reading Amazing needs to find this. It'll only add to the enjoyment of The Gauntlet!

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #894: Franken-Castle! Apparently after the son of Wolverine killed the Punisher he was rebuilt as a Frankenmonster by Morbius The Living Vampire.
I'm sure there was a very good reason for it.
But having Morbius living in the sewers again with a bunch of other monsters really doesn't make much sense...especially when some of those monsters are Man-Thing, the Living Mummy and Werewolf By Night (who was recently infected by the Zombie Virus in MARVEL ZOMBIES 4)
Basic run down here: Deadpool is hired to kill Frank by a woman who says he murdered her accountant husband while trying to kill mob bosses. He searches the sewers and locates the cast of Nightbreed and fights Franken-Castle.
Later, he finds out he was duped by the chick and...well, beyond that there really isn't much to talk about with this issue. It's pretty lackluster and nothing really stands out about it.
Other than Franken-Castle is a very stupid idea.

FABLES #94: First thing I want to say is with this issue, FABLES becomes the longest running monthly series I've collected since issue #1. It's a personal milestone that I think is made even better considering I'm also celebrating 20 years collecting comic books.
Now, the story:
It's not bad, which is normal from this series. There hasn't been a bad issue yet. The main part focuses on Rose Red, Snow White's sister, who had something of a breakdown during the war and the death of Boy Blue shortly after.
Seems Sheriff Beast and his wife Beauty think it's a good idea to remove her from her leadership position in the Farm. It does make some sense though, Fabletown was destroyed and the Fables now face the unknown evils of the Mister Dark who seems to be taking over the former Fabletown area of New York City.
Bigby and Snow disagree, they think removing her from leadership will only strain relations in the Farm which are now nearing a breaking point.
Rose, meanwhile, is still in bed, looking very sickly, and still being lectured by the pig head. After the Pig realizes and admits he's not getting anywhere he changes form. First Blue, which was nice to see even though it wasn't really him, then to the mother of Rose and Snow. That got a reaction from Rose and give the lead into next months origin story. This will also lead into the upcoming 100-page FABLES #100!

SIEGE: LOKI: While all hell is coming loose in Asgard one person is missing from the scene: Loki.
This one-shot tells of what Loki is doing and it's very difficult to tell if he's right or wrong.
He apparently really thinks Asgard should NOT be on Earth and he sets up Osborn to attack Asgard. This also brings about the fall of Osborn as he acts without proper permission and thus ends Dark Reign.
He then enslaves a group of Asgardian women who were cast from any Asgardian afterlife because of their hunger for Asgardian flesh. Very creepy looking chicks who were cursed to only be able to feed on the spirits of wandering Asgardian souls. Which is why they haven't eaten in centuries, these souls never wander from Asgard.
He arranges a dead with Mephisto and leases(?) part of his real for 'a thousand and one years' in exchange for ownership over the cannibal spirits for 'a hundred and one days'
So, Loki has secured the return of Hel, realm of Hela but the big question is: Why? Why go through all this trouble? We're to find out very soon in SIEGE #4 of 4 and THOR #609 but it's Loki's response to Mephisto who also questions the god: "This isn't mischief" says Loki, "This is mayhem. Just watch."

Not a bad week for only getting 4 books. I would recommend all but DEADPOOL TEAM-UP this week.

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