Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pull List

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #628: The Gauntlet continues! It's Spider-Man trying to save Juggernaut from Captain Universe...That sound really backwards to me.
Anyway, here we have Spidey trying to keep people and Juggy safe from a Captain Universe who seems hellbent on killing him. We don't know who this Cap is or why he hates Juggy but the fighting is pretty dang good.
While this isn't really part of the ongoing Gauntlet storyline, I did enjoy the action sequences and the art. Heck, even the cover is fun, kind of reminds me of the covers Marvel used to do back in the 1980's and 90's.
There is a backup story here featuring the recently unemployed Peter Parker who had one of the worst interviews a person could have.
Then again, how could a guy have a good job interview when dressed as Spider-Man and while fighting a rather angry Absorbing Man.
Sadly, Parker didn't get the job and we got a really nice final panel which brought back the early days of the series.

DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #10 of 13: More adventures in the Zombieverse as Deadpool and gang try to figure out a way back to their home universe.
This series is, as you can see, ending with the thirteenth issue which serves as a lead in to the new DEADPOOL CORPS series.
While the book started off pretty fun, I have to admit, Deadpool is starting to get tired from being put in so many books. Perhaps losing this one will help but Marvel is still having a good time pumping this guy into everything they can.
But at least in this issue we found out that A.I.M. Agents are tasty.

DOOMWAR #3 of 6: It's long overdue, this story is.
Alright so this one starts with a recap of everything Doom and Black Panther related starting from the Civil War up to today. I liked this because I'm not a reader of Black Panther's book so I had no real idea how Doom could have gotten to the point he had. thanks to Marvel for working this in.
Now, in this issue we learn about Doom something pretty much what everyone thought for years: Doom doesn't see what he's doing as being wrong or evil, he sees his actions simply as a means to an end. It's not his fault everyone else is to stupid to realize what is going on.
This issue felt like a "take a deep breath because it's all downhill from here" issue. Most of the players are in place and everyone is gearing up for the end of the war against Doom.
Next issue we get the final player: Deadpool!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #25: Thanos. That's pretty much all you need to say about this issue. Thanos.
Okay,'s what we know: The Universal Church Of Truth, now lead my the Magus (called Adam Magus for some reason) had many cocoons. Apparently, for some reason, the goal was to bring back the Mad Titian.
Magus succeeded and Thanos came back only he was feral, insane and out of control. He killed Phyla-Vel without batting an eye and laid waste to the entire planet the Church was located on.
Moondragon, Cosmo and Mantis all tried to access his mind to shut him down but there were powerful blocks.
So, the bulk of this issue is a naked Thanos beating the tar out of anyone who got in his way.
It took the last bit of power in a Cosmic Cube to get the mind right in Thanos. Before being put in a coma he uttered the following: "you...forced live...again...For that...e-everything...d-dies..." Yeah, after years of trying to be at Death's side Thanos finally reached his goal when Drax ripped his heart out at the end of ANNIHILATION. Being forced to live again has pissed the Mad Titan off. The plus is with the gods from the Fault wanting to destroy death i nour universe, Thanos might be the best chance to stop this from happening. Basically, I'm VERY happy to have Thanos back!
Oh, and this cover? I want it on a poster! And speaking of covers that should be posters...

NOVA #36: While the Guardians are dealing with Thanos, Nova has his hands full with the Evil version of the original Quasar and gets a taste of the Gods from the far end of the Fault.
And they are nasty.
It's Nova and Darkhawk fighting to prevent this thing from coming to earth and it's a nasty fight.
Overall, this issue felt like it was a filler, defiantly not one of the better issues of the series but it does help to show the impact of the threat of the Fault and the things that reside in it.
So, next month begins the Thanos Imperative event and both NOVA and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY go on hiatus. I really hope they return as soon as these event is over because I love these books. And, Marvel...PLEASE don't start them over with new #1 issues, that's lame and I'm looking forward to NOVA #50!

SIF: This one-shot follows Lady Sif as she tries to come to terms with being alive again and having her body hijacked by Loki for a long time.
I'm not really sure what the point overall was for having a one-shot but I am liking what I'm seeing from Lady Sif and I hope to see more.
Also, it was nice seeing Beta Ray Bill.
But, really, there isn't much to say about it. Sif is having issues, Beta Ray Bill needs help and she offers to aid him, good fights with freaks in space and we get all this with only the MENTION of the Thunder God himself but Thor does NOT appear in this book at all.
Good for fans of the Thor line but not much here for a casual reader.

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