Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pull List

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #629: First of all I would like to say this is something of a personal milestone for me. This is the 100th consecutive issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN I've collected since I started reading this series again. Granted since the series is put out three times a month it isn't a major milestone but it's the longest I've been able to keep up with this series.
Okay, so this month we learn who Captain Universe is and why he has such a hate-on for Juggernaut. Apparently, he was employed in an office when Spidey and Juggy fought their way through it effectively ruining the man's life. So, it's a 'you hurt me I'm going to hurt you' thing.
Another layer was added to Juggy's character here as we see him as a person with a soul rather than a maniac who just destroys everything. After he saves the day, shock to me too, he realizes what he's done to the young man and...apologizes. Very nicely done!
The art is very well done and, well, not really part of The Gauntlet but still a nice story.
We got a special back-up story, at no extra cost(!), featuring Dr. Curt Conners who is better known as The Lizard. Art by Chris Bachalo which I've always enjoyed, and a very nice set up for the Lizard's return in the next issue!

DEADPOOL #22: As DP continues his quest to be a hero he ends up being on a bus in Georgia and the bus gets robbed. Deadpool ends up on the short of of the fight but quickly figures out what's going on and sets out to dish out some justice.
Seems the cops are behind the robberies and have pretty much set things up where they break the law and get away with it.
In the end we had a fairly entertaining issue where Deadpool cracks some decent jokes and, well, it's a pretty typical issue for the character.
Art is alright, a bit boxy but it flows nicely and that's all that matters.
Overall, this felt like a filler issue. Nothing was really accomplished and there isn't a real ongoing story here.
This is something I hope changes very soon with the onset of the Heroic Age.
I really do like the cover though.

FANTASTIC FOUR #578: Alright, things are starting to come together now. A few issues ago an older Franklin Richards showed up to warn Valeria of a war between 4 cities. Over the last few months we've been slowly introduced to 3 of them. This issue introduces the fourth: An all-new Annihilation Wave.
Seems that the wave has taken over the prison that Reed Richards built in the Negative Zone and made it into a city of sorts. That makes this the fourth and final city to be introduced before this war starts.
The series continues to be entertaining and the art is fun and fits the series very well.
It's also nice to have a story that takes a few issues to set things up. I miss that.
And the cover...
How can you not like this cover? It's sweet!

JACK OF FABLES #45: Things come to a head for Jack Frost in this world terrorized by a monster.
First, he isn't terrorizing anything. He just hangs out in his floating station thing and leaves everyone alone.
Second, the witch of the woods who is guiding Jack wants this monster killed because the monster, apparently, dumper her.
Third, the King who wanted Jack to stop the beast set the whole thing up to get money.

This was a fun story, I'm starting to warm up to Jack Frost. It's odd having an actual good guy in this series instead of the asshole that Jack Horner was.
But I miss Jack Horner.

MARVEL ZOMBIES 5 #2 of 5: Machine Man and Howard The Duck end up in the War of the Worlds universe.
This was a fun issue, had a few cool moments and the art is good but this issue seemed like another filler issue.
Maybe it's because I never read the Killraven books and really have no idea who he is and what his deal is but this one just didn't do much for me.
Love the cover though and Machine Man's cracks are top shelf as always!

NEW AVENGERS #64-Final Issue! and THOR #609: Siege! I'm going to do these together since they are both part of the Siege event and neither really had much happen in it. These are filler issues for certain. but I expected it to some extent because SIEGE #4 is coming out soon so these last few Avengers releases will do nothing more than put all the characters in the places they need to be when Siege ends.
In NEW AVENGERS we see that The Hood doesn't have all the control he thinks he has. He loses his powers when Asgard falls and takes off which is what a smart man would do. Where did his powers go? Apparently Captain America, Iron Man and Thor got it. Means they can kick all kinds of ass.
THOR finishes off the Volstagg story and shows the reactions to the fall of Asgard by the Asgardians. It's all coming to a head and these lead in stories to SIEGE #4 have me very excited!

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