Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Pull List

Now, before I get into this week's stack, which is pretty small, I just want to say I'm still reading through my Free Comic Book Day 2010 stack and will be posting thoughts on them in the next day or two.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #630: Shed, Part 1: Not only does Spider-Man have to deal with the return of his worst (best?) villains, but now he has to contend with dating, 'Nega-Aunt May' and the return of The Lizard!
This issue is fun, from the start of it with Spider-Man and Black Cat having something of a heart to heart where Cat has to break it to Spidey that they aren't dating...just "having fun" to Peter actually trying to smooth things over with and date Carly (who I love much more than Mary Jane) this one covers all the bases in Peter's world.
In Spider-Man's world, however, things are much darker. The Kraven's are still holding Madame Web prisoner and using her powers to control where the villains appear. The question is can they control the newly returned Lizard?
Now, the writing is light and fun, as this series should be, tempered with just the right amount of foreboding. The art...Chris Bachalo is handling the chores for this arc and I've ALWAYS loved his stuff. His Spider-Man is probably one of my favorites and I always get excited with I see his name attached to a comic I read!

DEADPOOL CORPS #2: Seriously, this series has a LOT going against it. Starting with the art. Who's idea was it to put Rob Liefeld on this book? IT'S HORRIBLE!
Now, beyond the art the writing isn't much better. There are maybe two or three good gags in this book but I have to wonder if writer Victor Gischler even knows who and what the Elders of the Universe are. He doesn't seem to because they are written very erratic. Not like the way they've been portrayed in the past, from writers who knew them.
Bottom line is of the 4, soon to be 3, Deadpool books this is my least favorite and is the only one I wouldn't be sad to see get canceled. Unless I drop it first.

iZOMBIE #1: Now, when it comes to a new series there are 2 things that will get me to look at it: Zombies and a $1 cover price. Add to that art by the always awesome Mike (Madman) Allred and the fact it's a Vertigo title then chances are you have a winner.
This story focuses on Gwen Dylan, a grave digger with a secret...well, a few..
First, she has a friend who's been dead for 40 odd years and is, of course, a ghost. Second, the boy, Scott, who pines for her is a weredog or something...
Then you come to her. She's dead. But she's not. She's a zombie. But not your "uhhurrrr...braaaaiiiinnnssss.." zombie, no, she's a cool chick but she does have to eat brains once a month to keep from going all Night Of The Living Dead.
Now, this was a fun read and defiantly worth checking out. You really can't go wrong with the $1 cover price and at the very least you will know it's an awesome book and perhaps, like me, you'll at least pick up the trades as they are released.
I'd love to get it monthly but I can't afford a new ongoing book...I just hope the covers aren't as cool as the ones on FABLES.

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