Friday, June 04, 2010

Changes: Dropping and Picking up titles

I've decided to drop Deadpool Corps and start getting iZombie from Vertigo.

This was something I was considering for a while now. Why? Because Deadpool Corps is the weakest of the Deadpool books. The story is not really that interesting, including the portrayal of The Elders, and the art by Rob Liefeld is just plain bad. I'm not really going to miss it. Will I get the trade? Maybe. If I can find it cheap at a convention. But this series will not be missed.

However, Vertigo's newest title, iZombie is highly entertaining and well worth collecting. I was originally planning to get it in trade but after taking it to Matt's and after he read it and we talked about it I decided to collect it. The art by Mike Allred is top shelf as always and the story is fun and very entertaining.

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