Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Pull List

I, Zombie #2
Words: Chris Roberson
Pictures: Michael Allred

The first issue was the set-up. This issue we learn a little more about this new world from Roberson and Allred.
Gwen, our zombie, needs to eat brains once a month in order to retain her humanity. She works as a grave digger which gives her access to the freshest possible brains, and it also prevents her from having to kill living people, which generally leads tot he mess of making another zombie. She eats the brains of the recently dead.
The downside is she also gains the memories of the owners of said brains.
The introduction story centers on such memories. She's eaten the brains of a man who was murdered. The memories drive her to try to find out who murdered the man and bring that killer to justice.
We also have a group of vampire chicks, like a blood sucking sorority, who have night time paint ball contests. They use this to lure guys into the woods and drain them of their blood. For the most part they only take enough to sustain themselves without killing their victims or turning them into vampires as well. This works pretty well, apparently, until one of the chicks goes off on her own and starts to kill.
We also have the wolfman...sort of. He's in love with Gwen and two of his friends are about to be killed by the rogue vampire.
Good fun, good art and a real nice take on the Vampire, werewolf, zombie groupings. I can't say how much I enjoy this series, other than I was planning to wait until the trades started coming out but the cover of the second issue plus the pure fun of the first drove me to dropping Deadpool Corps and replacing it with I, Zombie. A good decision I think.

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