Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Pull List

Alright, it's a few days late but at least I'm doing it, right?

Words: Various
Pictures: Various

All I can say is this is basically a 'jam issue' with all kinds of writers and artists doing all kinds of Deadpool stories.
Let me tell you, after reading crap Annuals featuring the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man this year I think this should have been the 2010 Deadpool Annual. That what it read like. It was fun and different.
Seeing Deadpool done by so many different artists and written by so many people was fun.
The only thing is I don't really know which one was my favorite...although DP punching a cat and ending up with his fist coming out of the thing's mouth was a riot!
Also in this volume was a gallery featuring the Deadpool variant covers Marvel did earlier this year for their various books. There were a few I wanted to get but could never find so this is good enough...for now.

Words: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pictures: Miguel Sepulveda

This is what could be considered the 'breather issue.' After last months massive confrontation, which included the Celestials and Galactus, this one starts running then slows to a nice jog as the impact of this invasion from the Cancer-verse starts to really impact people.
Nova takes command, something that is coming natural to him after leading the fight against the Annihilation Wave and the Phalanx Conquest of the Kree and people are willing to follow his lead now. I really like that.
So, we know now that in the Cancer-verse Death has been destroyed and life has grown without limit much like a cancer. What apparently happened is their version of Thanos was destroyed and since he was the Avatar of Death is weakened the concept of Death and it was destroyed.
We still have a Thanos and he's the only thing standing in the way of these things taking over. To bad Drax did what he did but I have a feeling Thanos isn't that easy to kill anymore, especially now.
With three issues to go I can't believe how massive this story is!

Words: Peter Milligan
Pictures: Mico Suayan

I have to say I have enjoyed most of these Thor one-shots. Again, these are interesting stories that should be done for Annuals but with this guy Marvel seems to like doing a series of one-shots. Also, with the movie coming out next year (lame), Marvel is really doing what it can to get recognition for the Asgardian but putting almost as many books out as Deadpool has.
I'm only getting his regular ongoing but I have been collecting these one-shots so I figured I'd grab this one as well.
This takes place in the past and after Thor was apparently accused of killing his fellow Asgardians. He was banished to Midgard (Earth for you non-geeks) and took up the role of a farmer and husband. He helped to defend his new home and found a way to bury his rage with Asgard and his father in particular.
The story flows nicely and really hits home that during his time away from Asgard, Thor really begins to resent the way of life there...drinking, womanizing and such. It's great. I love these one-shots because they really do go a long way in adding more dimensions to Thor's character.

Words: Robert Kirkman
Pictures: Charlie Adlard

I've been collecting this series in the trade format for some time now. It's both fun and hell.
It's fun when a new volume comes out and I get to read more but it's hell because the book is so well written that it goes by way to fast and then it takes another 6 or so months before another volume comes out.

The premise is simple: Zombies. Basically this book STARTS where most zombie movies end. We see what happens to the survivors AFTER the movie ends and they are still trying to survive.
I'm not going to say much more than that because I plan to re-read this whole set and will do a review for each volume. And maybe by time I get close to finishing I'll be getting Volume 13!


This finally arrived and I got it! Granted it was a week after it officially arrived but my friend Matt got his so I was able to enjoy the Main Man's greatness for a week before I finally got mine!
I already posted pictures of the figure, the post should be directly below this one.

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