Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Pull List

Words: Joe Quesada
Pictures: Paolo Rivera, Joe Quesada, Danny Miki & Richard Isanove

One Moment In Time continues! In this reworking of One More Day, Aunt May lives AND Peter and MJ are still together.
The Kingpin still wants to punish Spider-Man by killing those he loves and Peter understands the danger his loved ones are in and seeks out the aid of Dr. Strange.

While the story seemed to have a slow start, it's really starting to kick into gear and is a very interesting reworking of the events that occurred at the beginning of Brand New Day. What is really interesting is this fits in place and is filling in the gaps we've been thinking about for the last few years.
The way this story is going things will be just how I like them once Brand New Day ends in October. As I've said before, as long as MJ is NOT a main character I'm happy.

Words: Brian Clevinger & Lee Black
Pictures: Brian Churilla

This is little more than a lighter retelling of the classic Marvel event The Infinity Gauntlet.
The story is basically the same: Thanos has collected the Six Infinity Gems essentially making him God.
It differs in the sense that he doesn't seem to be doing this for Mistress Death, rather he simply wants the universe to work the way he wants it to. The scene where Scarlet Witch says "Reality. It's...rewriting itself around us." let's you in on how things are somewhat different.
Also, there is more humor in this version, something that makes it more appropriate for a younger crowd. The best two examples are when Sue Richards is putting together a team to head into space to find the source of the Great Disappearance she says "Lastly, Wolverine. Because he's on every super hero team." which Spider-Man follows up with "Sounds exhausting. No wonder you're always so cranky." The second example was when Doom shows up and Hulk charges at him. Instead of blasting the Green Goof, Doom simply moves aside and puts out a foot, tripping Hulk. So simple and very funny.
A fun retelling of a classic story with a dash of Super Hero Squad tossed in. The only thing I worry about is the humor overpowering the whole story. But a great way to introduce one of the best events in the comics industry to a whole new generation.

Words: Daniel Way
Pictures: Carlos Barberi

Deadpool is no longer working for the Vega casinos. It's funny how a gun and physical violence can help with the resignation.
That part was fun but then it takes a turn for the worst. Ghost Rider shows up.
Now I never thought I would ever say this but can ANYONE tell me what the hell is going on with Ghost Rider? The character seems like a pathetic mess and needs to either be done away with or fixed. It's John Blaze again, which makes no sense, and he refers to Ghost Rider as a separate entity yet he talks like Blaze. Makes no sense. The Rider should be a separate entity but not like this.
So, he gives Deadpool the Penance Stare, something else Blaze never could do, it was a different demon who had that power, and Deadpool relives his early years. Pretty much a yawner but I'm hoping it's going somewhere. Just leave Ghost Rider out of it.

Words: Bill Willingham
Pictures: Mark Buckingham

The origin of Rose Red concludes! We see how she allowed herself to become the 'evil sister' because of her belief that Snow White abandoned her. Her path of destruction included injured and killed knights, a treaty with a dragon destroyed and marriages ended.
Through her reliving of these times she realizes she was wrong. Snow never left her, she left but it was to protect her and Rose.
So, Rose is back to her old self again, I hope, and finds out who or what the being was that took the form of her mother. WE don't know but I'm looking at the panels and seeing if there's a clue or two.

Meanwhile... Geppetto continues his schemes with Ozma and Stinky Badger to take over the Farm and set thing right in their minds.
Beast and Biggby both begin to feel the pull of Mister Dark in the remains of Fabletown. Bigby and Snow agree to send their children away to protect them...from both Dark AND Bigby.
Things are starting to come to a head and all the players are moving into place for something BIG coming: FABLES #100!

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