Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Pull List!

Words: Brian Michael Bendis
Pictures: John Romita, Jr.

The time stream is royally messed up. Kang was sent back in time by the Maestro to warn the newly re-formed Avengers that their children, the Next Avengers, have destroyed Ultron and have taken things over.

Apparently that may or may not be what actually happened.
Something happened in the time stream that allowed Killrave from War Of The Worlds and Devil Dinosaur to show up in New York City in 2010 along with a Red Baron style bi-plane, space ships, Avengers Tower (complete with Sentry's addition) and even Galactus!

But here's the thing, we're 4 issue into this series and it still feels like things aren't gelling very well. I'm hoping this opening arch, which ends soon, will solidify things before the book starts to lose it's charm.

Words: James Asmus
Pictures: Micah Gunnell

Guest-Starring Machine Man!
Arguably the single most hilarious book I've read since Nextwave! Any book that begins with Deadpool trying to stuff a hamster he made rabid into a shotgun on the very first page of the story it top shelf funny in my book.
This is what Deadpool should be about. Add in Aaron Stack (Machine Man) who has a natural hate for 'Fleshy Ones' and you have the perfect funny book.
The jist: Stack is in the employ of the Delmar Insurance Company which feels that over the years Deadpool has racked up quite a lot of claims due to the damage he's caused to people and places they insure. They feel he owes them roughly $77,341,308.62 and they are willing to forgive it IF Deadpool does one little job for them.
Problem is, Aaron has to go with him and they do NOT get along! Add in the Puppet Master and you have a great book!

Words: Jonathan Hickman
Pictures: Neil Edwards

Why is Hickman allowed to write this book...EVER? Every time he writes the FF I lose a little interest.
He's a great writer, don't get me wrong, but he just isn't a Fantastic Four writer. I just seems like his stories are disjointed and make very little sense. Granted they tend to pay off in the end but getting to the end is so difficult...but at least he's not Mark Millar!
So, this issue concludes a story about something...I'm not entirely sure what but the main thing is it's over.
Next issue begins the story '3' in which one of the team, seemingly, dies and the remaining members have to carry on without this person (or Thing)
Marvel is even running ads where some members of the FF are wearing new costumes with a '3' on it instead of a '4'
Very interesting and I hope better than the last few issues.

THOR #613
Words: Kieron Gillen
Pictures: Richard Elson

Thor continues his quest to save Hela and her new realm , within Mephisto's realm while Tyr tries his best to find his warrior self and protect Hela from the demonic Disir.
It's an intersting quest if not a little drawn out for no apparent reason other than to have another issue in Mephisto's Hell.

Next issue should have a nice battle in it as after failing to pick up the only weapon that can kill the Disir, Thor calls them out in the middle of Mephisto's realm. I'm going to guess that the fight gets pretty bad and Mephisto stops it because it begins to cause damage to his underworld kingdom. He tends to not like that sort of thing.

Kind of a flat week. One really great book, Deadpool Team-Up, a pretty bad one, Fantastic Four, and the others were at least decent reads.

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