Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Pull...?

Words: Mark Waid
Pictures: Paul Azaceta

Origin of the Species, Part 3! The all out action continues! Spidey is still trying to find a safe place for the baby of Menace and Green Goblin (scary...) and is on the run from Freak, Vulture, Tombestone, Shocker, Mysterio, and one surprise villain!
During this issue we also see the original Rhino show up who has no interest in the kid but is pissed at Spidey over the death of his wife (Amazing Spider-Man #625) and it takes Spidey literally screaming at him to make him see there is something larger going on here.
Another noticeable thing it the strain on Spider-Man, it's really beginning to show here especially when he is told the baby is dead. He just wants ONE thing to go his way, you know? (by the way, the baby isn't dead it was a ruse told to him by 'Harry' to get the baby away from him)

One nice mystery here is who is the man in the shadows talking to Doc Ock?

This is a great story, from the fast paced writing to the art, everything here is coming together very nicely.

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