Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Just In!

THOR #337
Words and Pictures: Walter Simonson
November 1983

I've never read this book but ever since the character Beta Ray Bill was really brought to my attention by a friend and former co-worker, Dan, I had to admit something...this has ALWAYS been a favorite cover of mine.
So, this week my local comic book store, Nostalgia Ink, is having a Back To School Sale and since back issues are on sale (and I needed to have more than a $10 sale because I was using my card) I decided to look through his recent acquisitions and I came across this for $15.
I figured it's time I owned it and it was one sale but helped me reach the $10 minimum.
Yeah, I was just looking for reasons to buy it, I admit, but come on, look at this cover! It rocks!

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